Revision history for RSSycklr
0.15    20110802
        - Double derp. Missed Moose in the subpackages.

0.14    20110730
        - Derp. capture blocked return value.

0.13    20110728 (this release is broken, lucky 13)
        - Silencing a long standing issue with noisy XML::LibXML.
        - Going back to Mouse.
        - General lack of review and checking what I may or may not
          have changed in a long time.
        - Get .git out of MANIFEST. Jeeze.

0.12    20100917
        - Added time to datetime timestamps.
        - Moved to github:
        - Bunch of code layout tweaks.
        - ->meta->make_immutable.

0.11    20090510
        - Fixed broken README.
        - Put URI in timeout message.
        - Added datetime in default template.

0.10    20090509
        - Biggish change: s/(?<=Mo)u(?=se)/o/;
        - Updated error on feed parse failure to include URI.
        - Titles are now double decoded because I'm still seeing feeds
          here and there popping up with &#39; &c in the titles.
        - Added title_override to feeds.

0.09    20090224
        - Arrrrrrg. Mac case insensitivity got me again. Makefile now
          lists Getopt::Long, not GetOpt::Long as a requirment.
        - Couple spelling errors in Pod fixed and that's it.

0.08    20081114
        - Put a default of "" into lede to prevent errors when it's
          not correctly formed.
        - Redid alarm handling a little to account for latent failures
          in XML parsing.

0.07    20080809
        - Qualified namespace with YAML::Dump call.
        - Put in a BUILD so things like Catalyst::Model::Adaptor can
          put configs into new() calls.

0.06    20080808
        - Fixed CSS typo in Pod.
        - Put in Hash::Merge::Simple for config. Made the ellipsis and
          read_more options work. Docs showed them working but they
          did not befeore.
        - Put a little Encode stuff in though frankly I'm not sure
          it's in the right place.

0.05    20080805
        - Strip leading and trailing <br/>s when they are in the keep_tags.

0.04    20080805
        - Fixed README. Der...
        - Added as_string and process.t.
        - Fixed broken command line snippet to see keep_tags.
        - Happy 4 to the VI.

0.03    20080804
        - Updated half-done 0.02 entry date below. Sigh.
        - Fixed synopsis.t output a little.
        - Put timeout on XML::Feed->parse() requests.
        - Updated docs a bit and though load_config will still handle
          a Perl structure, it's not in the doc now and won't do it
          much longer.
        - Considering name change to App::RSSycklr... Not sure.

0.02    20080803
        - Improved Pod for 'rssycklr.' Didn't mean to ship it with
          such bad docs.

0.01    20080803
        - Holy cats is Mouse/Moose hot. This is an adaptation of a
          script I've been using. It's the kind of thing that normally
          seems wrong for a module but Mouse made it natural. Really
          nice. See the docs for todo and such.