Revision history for Perl module RTx::Shredder

    * fix: update requirement for module Exception::Class,
           we need version 1.23.

    Thanks to Philip Kime and Konstantin Naryzhniy for bug
    reports and a lot of helpful debug information.
    * fix: in the previouse version a regression was introduced
           that caused terrible slowdown during tickets deletion.
    * doc: added section about database indexes

    * fea: no_tickets option in Users plugin
    * fix: no validation of mail and name in Users plugin as
           it's been broken
    * fix: there was typo in the Users plugin
    * fix: delete scrips with queues
    * fix: with a template delete scrips using it
    * fix: delete txns that refer to the current record with
           ReferenceType, OldReference and NewReference fields
    * fix: delete {Add,Del}Watcher transactions with principals
    * fea: more tests

    * fix: RT::Links->Next skip links that point to
           deleted records, and we were leaving them too
    * fix: any record may have links, move code into RT::Record
           from RT::Ticket
    * fea: delete AddLink transactions when wipe Link
    * fea: more tests

    * fix: typo in docs
    * fix: load exceptions class where we use it

    * fix: on some configurations Shredder WebUI was failing with
           404 (not found) error

    * WARN: API changes, see repository logs
    * doc: new reworked INSTALLation instructions
    * fea: initial DB transactions support
    * fix: WebUI JavaScript in Opera and IE didn't work, now it
           works in Opera and should work in IE (please test and report)
    * fix: ObjectCFValues was not cleaned absolutly correct
    * fea: $RT::ShredderStoragePath config option, see `perldoc RTx::Shredder`
    * doc: API documentation
    * fea: changes in errors handling code, no more useless stack traces

    * no significant changes against 0.02_03

    * api: mutliple values for the arguments of the plugins
    * doc: docs in the Plugin class
    * fea: --object has been deprecated by plugin 'Objects'

	* fix: search for users by name fixed
	* fix: returned patch because RT 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 has no code in mainline
	* fea: check/uncheck all objects at once in WebUI
	* api: generic mask handling via $plugin->ConvertMaskToSQL

	* fea: Web interface
	* fea: plugins framework
	* fea: Plugins for Tickers, Attachments and Users
	* fea: new CLI options: --plugin, --plugin list and --plugin help
	* fea: messages from CLI now are more useful
	* upd: doc updates
	* fea: RTx::Shredder::PutObjects method now support array references
	       you can put any objects PutObjects support into array.
	* upd: constants description update
	* fix: deletion of GroupMember object also delete CachedGroupMember records
	       + tests
	* fix: Group(ACLEquivalence), User deletion


	* upd: update docs to be more consisten with current env
	* upd: author email address changed
	* upd: Makefile.PL requires RT 3.4 now
	* upd: perltidy on the t/
	* upd: documentation about testing

	* WARN: rtx-validator may fails, I don't update it
	* fix: ObjectCFV issues
	* fea: tests framework!!!
	* upd: basic tests
	* upd: 00skeleton.t file
	* fea: shredder dies if some methods are redefined
	       this is done to be forward compatible
	       and die before we could break something
	* upd: Todo changes

	* WARN: basic RT >= 3.4.x support
	* fix: Users shredding was not loaded at all
	* fea: --force, never ask questions, for cron users
	* fea: --sqldump, Shredder generates INSERT queries
		that allow you restore DB after shredding
	* inv: When delete users from groups we should delete delegated rights
	* fix: SYNOPSYS in has bad example
	* fix: User should delete itself from GroupMembers and from Cached
	* fix: CachedGroupMember should delete other CGMs that are 'Via' current
	* upd: New documentation, README should be more clean
	* fea: get rid of configure script and all .in files
	       now we use Module::Install::Substitute
	* upd: rtx-shredder args parsing cleanup
	* upd: Distribution doesn't require Getopt::Simple any more
	* fea: new --object option for rtx-shredder script
	* fix: Transactions, ObjectCustomFieldValues, Attributes are handled

	* WARN: this is last version you can use with RT 3.0.x
	* fix: validator now works
	* fea: rtx-validator
	* fix: nested Attachments handling if Atachment is requested for wiping directly.
	* fea: M::I::Skip integration, no more installing
	* fix: tests doesn't use old installation any more

	* Disribution clean up, get rid from auto* files
	* fix: Ticket vs Links handling
	* fix: Ticket vs merged in parts
	* Templates, Queues... cover
	* Partly Users coverage
	* Now almost all Objects in RT 3.0.x covered
	* Big design rework

	* Initial commit