0.25	2009-08-03
	Corrected autocompletion to include tag values of all tickets,
	regardless of tagsStatus setting in Tags_SiteConfig.pm. This is what
	one would expect since completion's most useful for rarely seen vals.

	Slightly cleaner completion implementation to minimize localized code.

	Better (still untested) support for multiple value custom field type.

0.21	2009-08-02

	Tweaked non-complete of short terms to yield no display.

	Added configuration option for minimum-length completion stem.

0.20	2009-08-02
	Changed cloud links to .Tags for out of the box Postgres compatability.

	Added autocompletion for tag values (actually contents).

0.14	2009-02-04
	!! Fixed documentation to indicate user should use Tags_SiteConfig.pm
	to customize.

	Modified configuration options.

	Added link from cloud title to new Search/TagCloud.html, it displays
	an optional uncustomized tag cloud, plus per-class clouds.

	Tweaked local Elements/SimpleSearch to preserve search terms in
	simple search textbox; assuming your setup supports $m->cgi_object

	Added build date for 0.12

0.12	2009-02-03
	Added configuration options to limit what's counted in the cloud.
	See etc/Tags_Config.pm for details.

	Added support for negation of custom filed searches: -.foo:bar

0.10	2008-12-20
	Forgot to include the homepage component in .07 AND 0.08 :-/

	Fixed bug #41201 for non-standard installs to locate CSS.

	Added dummy test and explicit RT dependency to soothe CPANTS.

	Added link titles of tag frequencies.

0.08	2008-11-01
	Fixed typo bug resulting from #40588 adjustment

	Forgot to include the homepage component in .07

	Fixed bug which caused unused tags to be displayed

0.07	2008-11-01
	Fixed bug #40587, include WebPath in URIs

	Addressed wishlist #40588 to expand CF value searches beyond \w+

	Create Tag Cloud homepage component

0.06	2008-09-29
	Fixed a bug that generated bad TicketSQL, and error log messages,
	if no CFs were searched.

0.05	2008-09-22
	Better splitting of multi-tag values.

	Fixed bug in tag weighting when multi-tag values are used.

	Update Module::Install RTx to avoid duplication of files.

	Update documentation DESCRIPTION to remove outdated information
	about patching.

0.04	2008-09-15
	Added <p> around Simple Search blurb.

	Fixed typo in keyword matching that meant some rare strings might
	be misinterpreted as custom field searches.

	Created a Googleish_Local overlay to avoid the need for patching.

	Updated documentation.

0.02	2008-09-14
	Convert to plugin.

0.01	2008-09-8&14
	Local modifications.