Revision history for Rapi::Blog

1.1400 2020-10-17
    - Require RapidApp 1.3301 (VANSTYN)
    - Post comments now sanitised using HTML::Scrubber (VANSTYN)
    - Post body now sanitised using HTML::Scrubber (VANSTYN)
    - New Comment accessor method body_html adds newlines unless html is already present (VANSTYN)

1.1301 2019-10-17
    - Remove the no longer accessible "Pre-Auth" user profile link (VANSTYN)

1.1300 2019-10-17
    - Added new scaffold config 'template_names' (VANSTYN)
    - The *_paths scaffold configs now accept glob wildcard patterns (VANSTYN)
    - Misc bug fixes in scaffold *_paths params (VANSTYN)
    - Unit tests now validate the API of the *_paths scaffold cfgs (VANSTYN)

1.1200 2019-10-14
    - Hit tracking properly handles proxied requests (VANSTYN)
    - Added the 'get_posts' template directive (VANSTYN)
    - Added the 'ppRender' template directive (VANSTYN)
    - Added the 'TextMarkdown' post-processor class (VANSTYN)

1.1100 2019-10-05
    - Require RapidApp 1.3200 (VANSTYN)
    - Fix bugs in changing usernames while logged in (VANSTYN)
    - Extensive tightening of what non-priv users can access (VANSTYN)
    - Polished up admin area nav tree and menu points (VANSTYN)
    - Cleaned up column headers with unpolished text (VANSTYN)
    - Fixed bug in hostname detection in sending system emails (VANSTYN)

1.1004 2019-10-02
    - Require RapidApp 1.3108 (VANSTYN)
    - Added a few missing default TableSpec configs (VANSTYN)

1.1003 2019-10-02
    - Require RapidApp 1.3107 (VANSTYN)
    - Fix bug in database fresh deploy (VANSTYN)
    - POD fix - merged PR #4 (

1.1002 2019-10-01
    - Added new template directive 'accessed_site' (VANSTYN)
    - Added baked-in reCAPTCHA v2 support (experimental) (VANSTYN)
    - Require IO::Socket::SSL, MIME::Base64, Authen::SASL, LWP::Protocol::https (VANSTYN)
    - Require RapidApp 1.3106 (VANSTYN)

1.1001 2019-09-11
    - Require RapidApp 1.3105 -- 1.3104 was a bad release on cpan

1.1000 2019-09-11
    - Finally rollup extensive unreleased changes into an offcial new release
      - Note: This is an official release, but due to the drawn out dev cycle,
        there may be more bugs than a normal maintenance release. This release
        es expected to be following up with a more stable minor release shortly
    - Require RapidApp 1.3104
    - New Rapi::Blog::CatalystApp API hooks (core refactors and improvements)
    - New schema version and migration. Adds 'user'disabled' column
    - Preliminary implementation of "user_reset_tokens" subsustem
    - Refactror and pull out separate dedicated 'Scaffold' class
    - Further abstract Scaffold::Config class
    - Major refactor and integration of AccessStore class logic with new 
      Scaffold object/classes, futher/better separation of concerns
    - Implementation of "layed scaffolds" -- this is a major additional layer
      of logic and abstraction
    - Many, many fixes and refactors to address myriad breakages from these\
      very significant refactors. Most seem address, but there may be additional 
      edge cases and bugs
    - Lots of cleanup and removal of old, no longer active code, post refactoring
    - Further expand Scaffold design into additional "Dispatcher" module
    - Refactor and generalize 'preauth_action" tables and design
    - firther expand and modularaize with new "Actor" superclass
    - Add preauth_action_event_type table and design/concept
    - Add 'ScaffoldSet' concept/design
    - Delegate more power and control to scaffolds, including control of the login
    - Expose 'BlogCfg' hash across application for various introspective functions
    - Implement 'forgot_password' (built on top of the extensive refactors above)
    - Fixes to URL auth/redirect + autofocus for login pages
    - Add self-signup functionality
    - Support new RapidApp 'error' template feature
    - auth_wrapper template more flexible
    - Add PRIVILEGED template directive 'ensure_logged_out' 
    - Implement Mailer componentand related structure - support password reset
      with sent e-mails
    - Add new preauth action 'login' which allows direct logic via single use,
      time limited direct link (typically e-mailed)
    - Fully wotrking login via e-mail
    - Support configuration mailer/transport configs. Default is sendmail, can can
      be set to sasl to a provider such as Sendgrid
    - Many, many, many fixes and improvements to all the stuff that broke along 
      the way. There is probably more bugs that will hopefully be found and resolved

1.0200 2018-08-20
    - Added new feature/tamonomy SECTIONS (VANSTYN)
    - Third publically released version of the schema (VANSTYN)
    - Require RapidApp 1.3101 (VANSTYN)

1.0101 2017-10-01
    - Add [AutoPrereqs] to dist.ini (VANSTYN)
    - Require RapidApp 1.3004 (runtime, dist.ini and cpanfile) (VANSTYN)

1.0100 2017-09-17
    - Added new feature/tamonomy CATEGORIES (VANSTYN)
    - Second publically released version of the schema (VANSTYN)
    - Automatic upgrade of existing databases created by '1.00x' (VANSTYN)
    - Require RapidApp 1.3003 (VANSTYN)

1.0004 2017-07-06
    - Require RapidApp 1.3002 (VANSTYN)
    - Grid cell/row max-height now only enabled in Posts grid (VANSTYN)

1.0003 2017-06-28
    - Better handling for when the app is mounted on a sub-url (VANSTYN)
    - Misc POD fixes

1.0002 2017-06-28
    - Documentation improvements (no code changes) (VANSTYN)

1.0001 2017-06-27
    - Fix first login deep recursion bug (#1) (VANSTYN)

1.0000 2017-06-20
    - First public release for TPC 2017! (VANSTYN)