Revision history for RapidApp

1.0204 2015-03-27
    - New ctx method $c->ra_builder returns RapidApp::Builder object - undef
      unless the app was generated in that manner, such as Rapi::Fs
    - New top-level Catalyst cfg option 'inject_components' (see below)
    - New attr 'inject_components' available in RapidApp::Builder (see POD)
    - Require Catalyst 5.90085 + DBIx::Class 0.082820

1.0203 2015-03-24
    - Fixes related to internal Ajax JS queues (added in 1.02)
      this fixes broken direct linking/loading of a URL (from the outside)
    - Fixes/improvements to browser title update

1.0202 2015-03-17
    - POD tweak
    - Fix js undef err outside of nav context (tree click)
    - Add Module util method local_url()
    - Require Catalyst 5.90084 + Plack 1.0034

1.0201 2015-03-14
    - Add back dummy vers of previously deleted share dir files to ensure clean on 
      systems out in the wild

1.0200 2015-03-13
    - NEW FEATURE/CLASS: RapidApp::Builder
    - Simplified and more flexible cfg for favicon - 'default_favicon_url'
    - Internal Ajax JS now queues and limits to 2 simultaneous requests
    - Browser title update now works for all (TabGui) tabs (#117)
    - Template::Controller cfg now supports 'include_paths' option
    - local_assets_dir cfg no longer has to be relative to app home (which may not exist)
    - Catalyst 'name' config now auto-applied if not already configured
    - TabGui 'navtrees' cfg can now reference existing modules by path string
    - auto_hashnav_redirect_current() can now override via Module
    - Tree node expand state resets on load exception (#127)
    - Loading mask shown for initial tree load (#126)
    - Lots of fixes and improvements to Tree module internals
    - CoreSchema model now properly enforces DBIC 'deploy' deps
    - Misc CSS and icon asset additions + removal of unused CSS
    - Misc bugfixes and improvements

1.0010 2015-02-21
    - now bootstraps 'Templates' to be editable by default (#125)
    - Fix bug in rDbic with Sqlt files contraining dash '-' (#124)
    - Fix Dumper sub redefine warning in Module class
    - Minor doc tweaks (PR #122)
    - Improvements to relationship column rendering for bad FKs:
        - ommits "open" (tiny mag glass) links
        - renders raw value only for physical columns, undef otherwise
    - Now requires Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets 0.31

1.0000 2015-02-07 
    - First official "1.0" release  ** API CHANGES **
    - New internal class structure for Modules with significant cleanup (#74)
    - Replaced RapidApp::Include with simple RapidApp::Util exporter (#115)
    - script converts existing code bases (although these 
      changes are not likely to impact most apps, as most of the changes are
      internal -- the existing public config/plugin APIs remain the same)
    - Lots of fixes and improvements related to apps mounted at sub-urls (#114)
    - Added experimental "metakeys" feature (
    - Fixed broken Load MHTML feature (HtmlEditor)
       * Now works even with Word 2010 generated files and crazy unicode
       * Fixes made within Catalyst::Controller::SimpleCAS 0.994
    - Require Moo 1.007000 (although classes remain mostly Moose, but this
      is planned to be changed in the near future)
    - Misc forward-compat changes for a future conversion to Moo (see #75)
    - Lots of misc bug fixes

0.99700 2015-01-20
    - Unfactor, consolidate & cleanup lots legacy code (#106)
      (see commit logs for more details)
    - Removed lots of CPAN deps
    - Got all package files properly separated into their own pm files (#110)
    - All remaining CPAN deps w/ version numbers now listed in dist.ini (#107)
    - Setup separate Runtime/Test/Develop Prereqs sections (dist.ini)
    - Require Catalyst::Controller::SimpleCAS 0.992 (fixes broken Insert Image)

0.99664 2015-01-12
    - Fix scrollbar issue in Organize Navtree (#104)
    - Fix sort issue with single col rels sharing the real column name (#105)
    - Handle special \'true' and \'false' ScalarRef vals in JSON MixedEncoder
    - Require Catalyst 5.90080 (dist.ini)
    - Properly handle the case of the Plack env var SCRIPT_NAME='/' (instead of '')

0.99663 2015-01-01
    - Auto retry on DBI LongReadLen exception (DbicLink)
    - Improvements to Ajax error/warning dialogs
    - AppCombo: improvements to "Enter" key event behavior
    - DbicTemplate: fixes/improvements to 'tabify_data' mode
    - Misc internal bug fixes

0.99662 2014-12-30
    - Fix possible Bareword exception in app cfgs generated via ForRapidDbic
      bootstrap helper (discussed in PR #102)
    - Fix bug in rel combos pre-initialized with a default value

0.99661 2014-12-22
    - Fix store exception handler regression from previoud release

0.99660 2014-12-21
    - Fix caching bug in perl 5.18+ (#100)
    - Fixes for NavCore w/o AuthCore use case (in Organize Tree)

0.99652 2014-12-18
    - Removed hard requirement for 'quote_names' to be enabled on DBIC models (#99)

0.99651 2014-12-16
    - Added more flexible 'grid_class' param (RapidDbic)
    - Support for reading model config from Model::NAME cnf key (RapidDbic)
    - Misc POD updates

0.99650 2014-12-09
    - Added Plack::App::RapidApp::rDbic
    - Misc Plack-specific fixes/improvements
    - Requires Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets 0.30

0.99602 2014-12-07
    - Fixed bug in app bootstrap with dsns w/o a user/pass
    - Switched to Alien::Web::ExtJS::V3 for ExtJS sources
    - AppPropertyGrid now has a 'Save' tool icon/control
    - Fix bug in quick_search on integer columns
    - New TableSpec column param 'search_operator_strf' - (#97)
    - Add experimental --run-webapi option to
    - Really handle 'where' attrs - tmp conditional logic fallback (#95)

0.99601 2014-12-03
    - - new db utility script/server for instant CRUD (#96)
    - SQLite schemas now show a different top icon in navtree (RapidDbic)
    - Relationships with 'where' attrs handled again (#95)
    - Improvements to error messages in

0.99600 2014-11-26
    - Column data type 'ipaddr' set to 'unsearchable' (#81)
    - The 'email' column profile now validates for emails in editor
    - Cleanup crud POST params - remove 'create_columns' + rename
      quicksearch params, and only sent when a quicksearch is active
    - quick_search_mode can now be set via url qry string (#94)
    - "Doesn't contain" now implies not NULL
    - Fixed "null or empty" conditions (#89) (#88)
    - Multiple fixes improvements to DbicLink2 rest_query/base_params, etc
    - Added /rapidapp/module/printview/[path] (DirectCmp)
    - Dedicated Add Form (#85)
    - 'bigtext' column profile wraps long lines by default (incl grid cells)
    - Fix bug in AutoPanel tab right-click reload
    - Fixes/improvements to DataStorePlus
    - Fixes to column profile logic for rel columns (#77)
    - More improvements and fixes to generated combos (misc + #83)
    - Lots of misc fixes

0.99501 2014-11-1
    - Combos behave properly on property grid page
    - Random 'favicon.ico' requests handled (#57)
    - Bad module paths now render 404 page instead of exception (#73)
    - Name mismatch between source/table name working again (#72)
    - Fix regression related to #68 changes for _resolve_condition calls
    - Purge most code of buggy $1 calls (really fixes #70)
    - Unit test for _binary_op_fuser() 

0.99500 2014-10-31 🎃
    - Apps now work properly when started via 'plackup' (#70)
    - Major improvements to default 'combo' (fk/single rel) editors:
       * Text/type filtering enabled by default
       * New 'dropdown' auto_editor_type for the old/simple behavior
    - Added special 'soft_rel' column profile
    - Lots of fixes/improvements to AppCombo UI controls in general
    - Fix bug in RapidDbic-generated urls when ->table('db.table') (#71)
    - Fix bug in text filtering single rels w/ virtual display_column (#69)
    - Fix deprecated usage of DBIC _resolve_condition method (#68)
    - Fix _binary_op_fuser func to work with new SQLA 1.80 (thanks ribasushi)
    - Better looking DB error dialogs
    - Now requires Catalyst 5.90075
    - Now requires DBIx::Class 0.082810
    - Now requires SQL::Abstract 1.81
    - Now requires SQL::Translator 0.11020
    - Now requires Plack 1.0033
    - Now requires DBIx::Class::Schema::Diff 1.02
    - Lots of misc/minor bug fixes

0.99402 2014-10-06
    - Added a real "set password" dialog for setting user passwords in CoreSchema
    - Improvements to CoreSchema interfaces (icons, headers, etc)
    - Fixed bug in REST/nav logic with '0' value keys (#67)

0.99401 2014-09-29
    - Fixed bug in DbicAppCombo2 (#66)

0.99400 2014-09-28
    - DbicAppCombo2: Added fail-safe max rows (temp)
    - Fix undef exception in 'duimp_these' (debug mode)
    - formSubmitHandler: special handling for '_append_action_url'
    - ClickActionField and cas-upload-field improvements
    - TableSpec column profile 'cas_link' _ releated new editors/renderers
    - AppDV css improvements for edit icons
    - Officially require at least perl 5.10
    - Require new Email::MIME::CreateHTML 1.040 - install on 5.18 works
    - Started 'Rapi' namespace (future)
    - Remove misc deprecated packages
    - Require Catalyst 5.90071
    - pod coverage/spelling/kwalitee tests
    - Bumped dep ver for SQLT to 0.11018
    - Unfactored SimpleCAS into external cpan pkg (#62)
       prelim release: Catalyst::Controller::SimpleCAS 0.991
    - Travis cfg improvements, Coveralls, 5.20 job
    - Lots of misc/minor bug fixes

0.99333 2014-07-17
    - Fixed insert image (broken in v0.99310) - Github Issue #54

0.99332 2014-07-16
    - Properly support virtual column conditions (i.e. MultiFilters) under
      PostgreSQL (Github Issue #51)

0.99331 2014-07-08
    - Editor for bool columns now correctly handles nullability (Github Issue #61)
    - Proper support for PostgeSQL 'boolean' and 'double float' column types,
      including Quick Search pre-validation (Github Issue #60)
    - Tweak regex for numeric Quick Search pre-validation (Github PR #58)

0.99330 2014-07-04
    - Misc PostgreSQL-specific fixes and improvements:
       * Additional TableSpec column profiles and known column data types
       * Attempts to detect and safely handle special column types like array cols
         and tsvector (currently just disables the unsupported features)
       * Disabled quick searching date columns
       * Pre-validation for numeric cols in quick search (Github Issue #52)
       * Pre-validation for enum cols in quick search (Github Issue #56)

0.99321 2014-06-22
    - Bugfix for edge-case/random scenario in RapidDbic generation of 'auto_editor_type'
      TableSpec config 

0.99320 2014-06-21
    - Grid export supports CSV, TSV and JSON as well as Excel
    - POD tweaks

0.99312 2014-06-17
    - Updated documentation
    - Improvements to default login redirect handling in AuthCore
    - Requires Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets 0.29 

0.99311 2014-06-16
    - Updated documentation
    - Added 'load_modules' cfg option

0.99310 2014-06-06
    - All relationship columns now link to REST paths
    - Virtualized and complex relationship columns now render with links
    - Misc updates to POD and Manual
    - Fixed default favicon
    - Date renderers handle 0000-00-00 better
    - Template controller aliases '/tpl' and '/tple' can be changed
    - Added support for rendering columns containing binary image data
    - Binary and blob columns now render in hex by default
    - Added very simple hex editor for binary/blob columns (must be enabled)
    - DBIC virtual sources (DBIx::Class::ResultSource::View) fully supported
    - Default icons for virtual sources have different color
    - Browser text select/highlight allowed in row page/property grid (copy/paste)
    - RapidDbic helper now creates configs in the model instead of plugin config
    - Misc other improvements to helper scripts
    - Misc other bugfixes and improvements
    - Removed dependency to CSS::Inliner
    - Requires JavaScript::ExtJS::V3 3.4.11 (minor warning fix)
    - Requires Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets 0.28 

0.99302 2014-05-27
    - Fixed typo in dist.ini preventing proper script install

0.99301 2014-05-26
    - Added back $VERSION accidently removed from 2 classes which prevented proper
      PAUSE/CPAN indexing for v0.99301

0.99300 2014-05-26
    - script now available using 'RapidApp::Helper' and friends
    - RapidDbic config can now be read from model config (from config key 
    - Lots of improvements to CoreSchema + plugins
    - CoreSchemaAdmin plugin now only sets up grids for CoreSchema sources actually 
      in use (unless new option 'all_sources' is supplied)
    - Improvements to RapidApp::View - now supports 'panel_cfg' option
    - Lots of improvements to AuthCore - more restrictive defaults + generalized 
      redirect logic
    - Fixed delete_expired_sessions AuthCore bug
    - Added 'DirectCmp' controller allowing direct module dispatch via special
      paths '/rapidapp/module/direct/...' and '/rapidapp/module/navable/...'
      which are useful for loading in iframes
    - Public core/template dispatch in its own controller
    - New 'module_root_namespace' option allows mounting the root module in
      a path other than the main app root /
    - Fixed issue in tree scrolling in TabGui (although not yet perfect)
    - Many improvements/customizations to dispatch/exception handling
    - Improvements to AutoPanel JS - now used for the main/first ajax loading
    - Added new TabGui cnf options 'nav_title_iconcls' & 'navtree_init_width'
    - Module loading and app start time now logged/displayed
    - Misc performance improvements (faster startup)
    - Removed NYTProf profiling classes from core
    - Requires new module versions, fixing a number of bugs:
        Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets 0.27
        Catalyst 5.90064
        DBD::SQLite 1.42
    - Lots of misc bug fixes
    - Logging now utilizes/expects the upcoming Catalyst::Log 'autoflush'
      feature (should be relased in Catalyst 5.90065). Prior to this feature,
      nothing breaks, but the startup log messages will not display until
      the startup sequence completes (only applies to dev/debug mode)
    - Removed the 'disable_tabgui' option added in prev version (supplanted
      by new 'module_root_namespace' option)

0.99203 2014-05-04
    - Added new 'disable_tabgui' config/session option

0.99202 2014-05-02
    - Added support for Travis CI
    - Misc bug fixes
    - Improvements to testing classes + expanded unit tests
    - Misc kwalitee fixes + kwalitee unit tests
    - Fixed POD syntax errors

0.99201 2014-04-25
    - Fixed build/install error from bad dependency (TestRA:: namespace)
    - Expanded unit tests

0.99200 2014-04-23
    - Added preliminary working 'testapp' unit tests under t/
    - Turned off last remaining non-debug mode console messages
    - Now requires Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets v 0.25
    - Fixed/cleaned up misc asset controller code
    - Fixed bug that prevented apps with no Catalyst home dir from starting
    - Stopped using smartmatch (~~) operators in various places
    - Refactored CoreSchema model class internals (fixing several bugs)
    - Fixed misc JS race-condition bugs in AppPropertyGrid
    - Now uses DBIx::Class::Schema::Diff to check for changes in the
      coreschema (fixes Github Issue #47)

0.99104 2014-04-15
    - Enabled 'strict' in TableSpec class

0.99103 2014-04-15
    - Fixed scrolling issue with hash label links in tabs (GitHub Issue #46)
    - Fixed bug clicking <a> links with no href at all
    - Fixed utf8 bug when viewing templates (Template::Controller)

0.99102 2014-03-15
    - Removed all perl switch/case blocks (Github Issue #45)
    - Removed a bunch more deprecated classes

0.99101 2014-03-10
    - Removed rouge/leftover classes referencing previously removed classes
    - Fixed minor issue with LinkClickCatcher

0.99100 2014-03-10
    - Requires Catalyst::Runtime 5.90061 with bugfix
    - Expanded Template Access class API (template_css_class + 
    - Fixed bug in relative links within tabs (Github Issue #43)
    - Major refactoring of dispatch and exception internals (Github Issue #41)
    - Improvements and fixes to Unicode handling
    - Removed GD as a dependency (Image::Resize) and refactored to use only if
      already available at runtime (Github Issue #42)
    - AutoPanel now supports auto refresh (autopanel_refresh_interval)
    - Template::Controller dispatch/redirect fixes
    - More fixes to TableSpec_cnf internals
    - Refactored 'ra-scoped-reset' CSS behavior
    - Misc other bugfixes
    - Removed lots of old deprecated classes

0.99031 2014-02-16
    - Added JS render func Ext.ux.RapidApp.withFilenameIcon
    - Misc fixes/improvements to RapidApp::AppExplorer
    - Added Catalyst::Devel build/install dep (temp)
    - All Carp funcs exported by: use RapidApp::Include qw(sugar perlutil);
    - Misc TableSpec_cnf fixes/improvements

0.99030 2014-02-08
    - Relationships with complex conditions now supported (Github Issue #40)
    - Refactored internal TableSpec_cnf format somewhat (no API changes)
    - Started Changes file (this file). See commit history for change log prior
      to this version (