Revision history for Perl extension ReadonlyX.

1.04 2016-07-18T12:04:41Z

    - Fake $Readonly::VERSION

1.03 2016-07-16T21:39:43Z

    - Don't clobber predefined variables with implicit undef
    - More documentation updates
    - Wrap tests that could fail due to bugs in perl related to readonly arrays
    - Include Readonly vs. ReadonlyX benchmarks in docs and update eg/

1.02 2016-07-16T12:40:12Z

    - Minor documentation update

1.01 2016-07-16T01:41:17Z

    - Hide fake Readonly package from PAUSE (I hope)

1.00 2016-07-16T01:29:19Z

    - Brand spankin' new!
    - This passes a modernized variation of Readonly's 2.05 test suite