Revision history for Perl module Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst

0.180 2014-05-31
 - update test app scripts with latest
 - tweek .sql to make autoincrement PKs work for sqlite3
 - change Plugin::Static::Simple to Plugin::Static::Simple::ByClass
   for test app (now matches SYNOPSIS)
 - switch to File::Slurp::Tiny

0.17 2013-10-11
 - fix SYNOPSIS to add note about default_view

0.16 2012-10-31
 - more pod patches from Adam Mackler
 - improve docs

0.15 2010-08-31
 - pod patches from
 - remove .yml config file and plugin dependency

0.14 2009-06-07
 - drop tables conditionally in rdgc.sql
 - refactor C3 syntax

0.13 2008-12-16
 - fixes for Perl 5.10 File::Copy
 - use IPC::Cmd::run to create db in t/lib/

0.12 2008-11-22
 - add missing req in Makefile.PL
 - add IPC::Cmd dep so we can test for sqlite3 in tests

0.11 2008-11-18
 - base controller no longer sets current_view
 - copy all static/css/crud/*.css files for CX::CRUD::YUI 0.008

0.10 2008-09-29
 - added missing req to Makefile.PL

0.09_05 2008-08-27
 - fix UTF-8 encoding bug where JSON:XS utf8() flag was incorrectly set to
 - move bulk of the code into smaller packages: CatalystX::CRUD::YUI
   Rose::HTMLx::Form::Related Rose::DBx::Object::MoreHelpers This
   refactoring means that DBIC users can use all the YUI interface and
   RHTMLO goodness as well.
 - changed the default root/<dir> to 'crud' instead of 'rdgc' IF YOU ARE
   UPGRADING, you can symlink or rename rdgc => crud

0.09_04 2008-08-11
 - update .tt and .pm files to support multi-column PKs

0.09_03 2008-07-31
 - split up rdgc/ into
 - add default_sort_by() to Form::Metadata
 - toggle rowsPerPage via select popup
 - throw_error if !can_read in autocomplete()
 - support on* attributes for js in autocomplete
 - added RDGC::Excel for .xls output
 - refactor the takes_object_as_argument feature
 - link_panel now uses same YAHOO ResizePanel widget as addRowPanel
 - use double ;; in primary_key_uri_escaped() to match CatalystX::CRUD 0.28

0.09_02 2008-06-30
 - several small bug fixes with .tt files
 - allow for related_field mapping at init time
 - fix autocomplete CSS 

0.09_01 2008-06-13
 - use column as label if not defined in form
 - add support for file upload fields in
 - add support for alternate relationship labels in base Form class
 - add support for alternate relationship labels in
 - tweek the base RDBO flatten() method
 - added pseudo_field_labels() method in Form base class
 - no 'remove' button if in view mode
 - fix bug in where js was getting NaN values if
   there were no results.
 - add 'New' link for each related matrix in
 - complete refactor of all .tt code to move much of it into YUI and
 - complete refactor of all generated code to move much of it into real
   base classes and installed .tt

0.09 2008-09-11
 - add real tests with example schema supplied by laust from #catalyst

0.08 2008-02-01
 - make yui detail link toggle based on can_write() method of target
   controller. (This might not work for relationship controllers...)
 - fix confess/croak error in generated form class
 - fix spurious warnings in generated primary_key method
 - add YUI_VERSION var in to allow for easy upgrade
 - add REST support via _http_method JS toggle
 - fix bug in /count js with unquoted var.
 - fix (unstick) sticky hidden field values in hidden_to_text_field()
 - change Makefile.PL to require both JSON and JSON::XS
 - fix dump_data() in template wrt escaping \n
 - refactor the code to show related FK links even when in readonly
 - tweek the code to not skip FKs but do not show
   them for PKs
 - refactor JSON stuff in View::RDGC to handle blessed objects,
   particularly mysql serial columns
 - fix bug with checkbox rendering in
 - change all DateTime stringification to use Evil sub redefine in View
   rather than TT Date plugin
 - add Boolean field support to readonly feature in

0.07 2007-12-21
 - added comment to precommit() to catch non-NULL empty ints. This feature
   should be unnecessary as of RHTMLO 0.552 so send warn() to $c->log now
   to indicate if it was not caught at RHTMLO level.
 - switch to top-level JSON 2.00 API.

0.06 2007-12-11
 - changed default field sort order to sort by rank (tabindex) to match the
   order set in RDG.

0.05 2007-12-11
 - added show_related_values() method to base Form and refactored .tt
   yui_datatable code to use it.

0.04 2007-12-06
 - split out into its own file
 - show hidden fields by default when searching  (to allow for searching by
   serial PKs, e.g.)
 - fix bug when getting controller for current action.

0.03 2007-11-19
 - YUI support for related records
 - refactored all tt files into Templates class
 - rename yui_datatable* templates to match url convention
 - include json.js in core dist.
 - add Create/Search to menu
 - bumped req versions of CatalystX::CRUD::*

0.02 2007-11-12
 - fix SYNOPSIS example doc for plant() syntax
 - use Base controller and model classes for easier global management
 - use YAML::Syck directly in View instead of hacked local plugin
 - tweeks to default UI, including no timezones in default DateTime output
   (because unless your system is actually in UTC, they're likely wrong)
 - clean up YUI dependency URLs

0.01 2007-11-09
 - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.