Releases of SMB-Perl library and main changes.

0.09 - 2018-05-13

* Added support for QueryInfo FILE and FS requests in server.
* Added support for anonymous user in server (enabled in config).
* Added support for cifs-utils client (mount on GNU/Linux).
* Added support for Windows 7 Explorer as a client.
* Added support for chained commands from client with the first Create.
* Fixed code to work on 32-bit architectures again.
* Fixed Read responses in server.
* Fixed Find responses in server.

0.08 - 2018-05-03

* Added support for chained SMB v2 commands from client.
* Added support for SMB v2 command Ioctl.
* Added SMB::DCERPC implementing basic DCE/RPC over SMB for client/server.
* Added SMB::File::size[_string] and use it in client file listing (dir).
* Added SMB::Parser methods align & cut.
* Added support for STATUS_PENDING responses in client.
* Fixed work with files on deeper levels in client.
* Fixed file listings (Find responses) in server.
* Fixed creating directory in server.
* Fixed several more problems in server.
* Added minimal support for Notify and Cancel requests in server.
* Improved class documentation.

0.07 - 2018-04-06

* Added classes for v2 commands QueryInfo and SetInfo.
* Added more documentation.
* Added new client functionality: recursive remove.
* Added alternative remove functionality in client;
* Added remove functionality in server (delete-on-close).
* Added new client functionality: copy (using dnload+upload).
* Added new client functionality: rename (with -f to force).
* Added rename functionality in server.
* Added concept of log level to classes. NONE, ERROR, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE.
* Improved output of client, now errors are shown even without --verbose.
* Fixed parsing of SMB1 header and actually parsed Negotiate request.
* Now server actually checks that client supports SMB2.

0.06 - 2014-08-19

* Removed dependancy on Digest::HMAC_MD5 by fallback md5 implementation.
* Added new client functionality: download, upload.
* Added new class SMB::v2::Command::Write.

0.05 - 2014-08-13

* Fixed tests to pass on all platforms (Windows, OpenBSD; 32, 64 bits).
* Added more documentation.
* Added new client functionality: remove.

0.04 - 2014-08-09

* Fixed tests on some platforms and perl versions.
* Added ability to define user passwords on server.
* Made user authentication work using NTLM on server (LOGON_FAILURE).

0.03 - 2014-08-07

* Listed required modules to improve reports of CPAN Testers.
* Added initial documentation and more tests.

0.02 - 2014-08-05

* Initial release on CPAN.
* Transparent proxy functionality works.
* Some server functionality works: returning list of files.
* Some client functionality works: logon, getting list of files.