$Id: Changes 24744 2014-09-26 14:38:45Z nito $

Revision history for SNMP-LogParser

1.24742 03/05/2012


   * Fixed bug #99152 and patch about s/cleanUpAndExit/cleanupAndExit/ reported via rt.cpan.org

1.15290 03/05/2012


   * Fixed bug in include option

1.14996  10/04/2012


    * Copied lock.t test to concurrentProcess.t which was empty, waiting to be done
      and has a more descriptive name than lock.t

1.14990  10/04/2012


    * Added lock test


    * Cleaned-up code to follow modern practices
    * Will work only on perl version >= 5.6 as needed by required modules
    * Reorganized examples

1.10178  10/02/2011

    * Added -I command line option to add directories to @INC (Rafael Porres - rporres)


    * Command line options -k and -o didn't work as advertised (rporres)

1.10052  25/1/2011
	 Updated eval condition on non existent logdrivers

1.0767  1/12/2007
        Changed name from NetSNMP-LogParser to SNMP-LogParser. Suggestion from brian d foy <brian.d.foy@gmail.com>  (Perl Authors Upload Server)

1.0537  18/10/2007
        Changed SEEK_CUR in &Fcntl::SEEK_CUR because of "t/logparser............Undefined subroutine &File::Temp::SEEK_SET called at blib/script/logparser line 332."

1.0530  17/10/2007
        Removed taint mode in t/logparser.t (Problems with File::Path 2.01 in perl 5.6.2). I rather have it working in more versions than tainted

1.0481  15/10/2007
        Changed Build.PL for a dependency on File::Path 1.05 for Taint mode

1.0480  14/10/2007
        Changed t/mibProxy.t to not setup PERL5LIB

1.0479  14/10/2007
        Changed lib/NetSNMP/MibProxy.pm to not use the our declaration which breaks the test on perl5.005

1.0475    14-10-2007
	Delete the only used once $opt_d in line 162 of bin/logparser
	Added Test::Pod::Coverage 1.04 to the requisites in Build.PL

1.0469    11-10-2007
        Changed name from QND-NetSNMP-LogParser to NetSNMP-LogParser

1.0462    5-10-2007
        First public version