Revision history for Perl module SQL::Exec

0.10 2013-03-27

 - Cleaned the header of SQL::Exec::Statement
 - Added clean implementations of get_columns and table_exists functions
 - Added num_of_fields, num_of_params and get_fields functions
 - Fixed a bug related as to which query is printed in case of errors

0.09 2013-03-19

 - Fixed the count_lines function (too much opened transaction)
 - Refactored the code to always use the SQL::Exec::Statement class
 - Corrected a problem with the absence of DESTROY in the Statement class
 - Fixed typo in all 'too much' error messages
 - BREAK: changed the arguments for the query_to_file function
 - added the query_one_hash and query_all_hashes functions

0.08 2013-03-13

 - Typo in SQL::Exec::SQLite documentation
 - Catch an error when an SQLite handle cannot be initialized

0.07 2013-02-23

 - Add support for the DBD::Oracle plsql_errstr function
 - Fix a problem with the stop_on_error option
 - Add preliminary support for prepared statement

0.06 2013-02-04

 - Same as 0.05 but for Oracle
 - The print_query option can now correctly be set
 - Better error reporting when the connection fails

0.05 2013-01-30

 - Add the get_dbh and get_conn fonctions
 - Complete the documentation
 - Correction in the replace.t test (which fails with older Test::Subs)
 - Fix some bug in the ODBC and Teradata class.
 - Check the number of parameters to bind

0.04 2013-01-26

 - Fix typo in the documentation
 - Add the execute_multiple functions
 - Better error reporting in conjonction with DBIx::Connector
 - Check the validity of the connection string for better error messages

0.03 2013-01-22

 - add documentation for the options

0.02 2013-01-15

 - Fix typo in the documentation
 - Improve handling of statements w.r.t. SQLite specificities

0.01 2013-01-14

 - Initial release