1.204 2017-10-26
- Fix not using Scalar::Util for ref checking #2

1.203 2017-09-20
- Add option to provide extended attributes to the new Net::OpenSSH object
- Add option to provide existing Net::OpenSSH object
- Now using Dist::Zilla for CPAN packaging


- SysFink (http://code.google.com/p/sysfink/) protocols are now based upon SSH::RPC.

1.201 2009-11-02

- Finally got around to fixing the broken version from the previous release.
- Fixed #49541.
- Added a time-shell.readme file to provide some instruction on how to use the example.
- Added this change log.

1.200 2009-03-24

- The initial release to CPAN. Rushed it out the door early because I needed to show MadMongers how to upload a module to CPAN. Unfortunately, it wasn't ready for prime time so it wasn't useful to anybody.


- Internal releases only.