Revision history for Perl extension SVG::Parser.

1.03   Sun Mar 30 2008
         - convert to Build.PL (Module::Build)

1.02   Sat Mar 29 2008
         - change installation to force a dependency on XML::SAX if neither
           of XML::Parser or XML::SAX are present on the system       
         - minor documentation cleanup
1.01   Sun Mar 12 2006
         - minor tweaks to handling of import lists for inheritance control
         - eliminate some warnings from test suite in some circumstances

1.00   Mon Jan 16 2006
         - improve handling of passed arguments to ancestor parser classes
         - cleared up some messages and documentation

1.00a1 Sat Dec 17 2005
         - several enchancements to support parsing some internal DTD constructs.
         - don't try to record comments prior to the start of the document, as
  doesn't handle that.
         - refactor Parser/ and Parser/SAX/ to place more common
           functionality in Parser/
         - overhaul tests into a more conventional 'prove'able form

0.97   Mon Apr 29
         - added parsefile/parse_file compatability method to SVG::Parser::Expat/SAX
         - updated POD documentation
         - expanded tests

0.96   Sat Apr 27
         - added improved import interface for selecting parser parent and grandparent
           classes, both Expat and SAX.
         - added 'Expat' and 'SAX' shorthand notations
         - pass double-minused attriutes to constructor

0.95   Thu Apr 25
         - abstracted some common constants and debug to SVG::Parser::Base. Some of
           these will move into in time.

0.90   Sun Apr 21 2002
         - modified parser to use closures to maintain state
         - renamed SVG::Parser to SVG::Parser::Expat
         - added SVG::Parser::SAX for parsing with XML::SAX
         - recreated SVG::Parser as generic interface to load either SVG::Parser::SAX or
           SVG::Parser::Expat as applicable

0.85   Thu Nov 22
         - added simple debugging support
         - fully objectified the module
         - even more documentation
         - updated to use new features in SVG 2.0

0.80   Mon Nov 19 
         - added documentation
         - created some simple tests
         - added an example script 'svgparse'

0.01   Mon Nov 19 2001
         - original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options -n SVG::Parser