Revision history for Perl extension SVN::Access:

0.01  Wed May 23 13:42:14 2007
	- original version

    - fixed bug in when dealing with resources in empty / just initialized
      acl files.
    - fixed documentation bugs
    - fixed several bugs having mostly to do with groups w/ no members and resources w/ 
      no authorized users.
    - fixed readme file.

    - reorganized module, moved the script to examples/ from bin/
    - cleaned up documentation

    - added verify_acl functionality, changed write_acl and write_pretty to utilize 
      new functionality

    - implemented in-order ACL writing

    - updated the resource regex to allow paths with spaces
    - always print groups at the top to support legacy implementations of Subversion

    - implemented code that passes Trent's tests (line continuations)

    - merged Trent's patch, contained new resolve() method and docs
    - added a 'pedantic' option
    - improved checking for poorly formatted AuthZ files

    - merged Trent's patch, enhanced error detection and validity testing including
      fixes for infinite recursion, undefined groups, and out-of-order group 
      definitions (
    - fixed hashref-based resource adding; been broken since Tie::IxHash was 
      introduced in version 0.05