[ Changes for 0.03 ]

* $start and $end can now take 'HEAD' as a parameter, indicating the
  repository's youngest revision.

* Fix a bug introduced in 0.02 -- don't use SVN Core APIs when the core
  isn't available.  Change the 'paths' key in results returned by
  retrieve() to be agnostic of the backend.

[ Changes for 0.02 - Dec 20, 2005 ]

* Update to use the new svn_ra_get_log() API.

* Maintainership handed to Nik Clayton.

[ Changes for 0.01 - Jun 14, 2004 ]

* Fixed bug in command line client log parsing that was causing us to skip
  revisions in some cases.  Man that was stupid.
* Extracted from SVN::Log::Index by Richard Clamp, then extensively modified 
  by Garrett Rooney.