SVN::Pusher changelog:

0.09        2015-12-06
    - Change old E-mail address.

0.08        2014-04-10
    - Add minimum perl version (CPANTS).

0.07        2014-01-31
    - Add strict and warnings to all modules.
    - Add the LICENSE file.
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t and t/style-trailing-space.t .
    - Add t/pod.t .

0.06        2007-10-22
    - Added the --version/version flag to svn-pusher to display the
    version number
    - Added more POD to SVN::Pusher with links to various resources including
    the Subversion repository.

0.05        2007-10-12
    - Added the --verbose flag to be less verbose by default (thanks to
    DEXTER). Resolving:
    - Fixed - "Verbatim
    option is broken for svn:// repos. This was due to a possible undefined
    value that was not handled correctly. (thanks to DEXTER).

0.04      2007-10-06
    - Added the --savedate flag. (thanks to DEXTER)
    - Added the --verbatim flag. (thanks to DEXTER)
    - Removed '\t''s from lib/SVN/ and replaced them with
    space. (SHLOMIF)

0.03001 2006-06-08
    - Fixed a printing of an object variable that was eliminated, that
    caused a warning under "use warnings;".
    - Added use warnings and use strict to the top of the code.
    - Added a rudimentary 00-load.t test file.

0.03    2006-01-12
    - Removed an svn-pusher remnant that caused problems when specifying paths
    in the middle of the repositories (instead of the repos root). Now
    one cannot specify the startrev as HEAD (whatever that means).

0.02    2006-01-04
    - Fixed a POD problem pointed to by
    - Made the program throw an exception if the revision field is
    - Fixes

0.01    2005-08-02
    - Placed in lib/SVN/
    - Removed the redundant stuff from lib/SVN/ which remained
    there from SVN::Push.
    - Created the $sp->report() method for a derived class to perform a
    print. Moved the print() themselves to SVN::Pusher::CmdLine. That way,
    the main module has no side effects.
    - Removed the create option in init()/cmdline/etc.
    - Adapted the documentation to the new version.

0.00_03     2005-08-02
    - forked from SVN-Push, converted the functionality to work
    with a modern SVN, and with what we wanted to do (just changeset
    propagation - nothing more, nothing less).