Revision history for Perl extension Prog.

0.75 11 Dec 2013
 - 3.1.0 release of swish3 cli:
   * remove --lucy_highlightable and replace with -I (--Indexer_opts)
   * rename --aggregator_opts to --Aggregator_opts
0.74 01 Oct 2013
 - packaaging clean up only

0.73 12 Sept 2013
 - turn off Pod tests unless RELEASE_TESTING env var set. Pod::Coverage
   failures were because optional dependencies were not present but module
   load was attempted in order to walk symbol tree for pod tests.

0.72 10 Sept 2013
 - add TRACE_ALL to pod-coverage test to discover why it suddenly started
   epic fail
 - add explicit port to t/17-spider-server, running on 5002

0.71 1 Aug 2013
 - add --null_term feature to swish3 example
 - add sitemap support to Spider
 - swish3 -W <n> sets SWISH_PARSER_WARNINGS env var

0.70 10 Feb 2013
 - add tests for Utils class.
 - Utils extension regex now matches \w+ rather than hardcoded document

0.69 05 Feb 2013
 - fix documentation for SWISH::Prog::InvIndex::Meta, add data() accessor

0.68 23 Jan 2013
 - fix failing test t/17-spider-server with 'use base' vs '@ISA'
 - force URI objects to stringify when passing in/out of cache

0.67 19 Jan 2013
 - Spider now uses LWP::RobotUA to respect robots.txt. Dependency on
   WWW::Mechanize is removed.
 - Spider authorization features now work. Added bona fide test suite for
 - expand Queue API to add remove() and clean() and internal locking on
 - Spider->modified_since feature to allow for incremental crawls
 - Added new class SWISH::Prog::Aggregator::Spider::Response, refactoring
   appropriate UA methods into Response class since WWW::Mechanize was
   intentionally blurring the logical distinction.
 - Spider->file_rules (new feature) follows same code path as
 - added Utils::write_log and ::write_log_line methods for standardizing
   debug output

0.66 8 Dec 2012
 - yanked redundant test t/09 as it is now part of Search::Tools
 - fix t/05 spider to warn on correct missing module; fix spider count

0.65 5 Nov 2012
 - add more tests for MailFS aggregator
 - all Aggregators now set content-type to valid MIME instead of custom
   Swish types
 - Aggregator->set_parser_from_type() will now not override a defined
   Doc->parser() value 

0.64 12 Oct 2012
 - add --aggregator_opts to swish3 and SWISH::Prog
 - add looks_like_feed() to Spider, and add dependency on XML::Feed
 - switch Spider::UA parent class to WWW::Mechanize::GZip

0.63 11 Sept 2012
 - add TagAlias support to Config. TagAlias is a Swish3 feature.
 - improve SWISH::Prog documentation
 - add --doc_filter to swish3, to allow for set_filter to work from an
   external Perl file.

0.62 3 Sept 2012
 - support subclassing of Indexer in start() sanity check introduced in
 - add InvIndex->meta_file method and avoid referring to swish.xml directly

0.61 23 Aug 2012
 - swish3 now catches exceptions and re-throws errors
 - swish3 now passes --debug flag into Searcher->new
 - base Indexer now performs check on existing indexes to verify that you
   aren't trying to run one format's Indexer against a different format's
 - swish_last_start file now created by base Indexer class, not swish3 cli.

0.60 28 July 2012
 - add *_property methods to InvIndex::Meta
 - SWISH::3 now required dependency
 - added use_quotes and quote_char features to Aggregator::DBI, inspired by
   patch from Miko O'Sullivan.

0.59 26 July 2012
 - add FollowXInclude support for Swish3

0.58 26 June 2012
 - fix Config class for FuzzyIndexingMode conversion to XML (ver3)

0.57 7 May 2012
 - change default max_depth in Spider to 1 (makes it actually work by

0.56 2 Apr 2012
 - make swish3 stdin/stdout utf8 safe

0.55 6 Nov 2011
 - fix skip test count in t/15

0.54 14 Oct 2011
 - $SWISH::Prog::Utils::DefaultExtension now let's you configure default
   file extension
 - fix SWISH::Prog::Config->new() to support perldoc's claims of passing in
   a hashref or named attribute pairs.

0.53 09 Oct 2011
 - fix DBI Aggregator to make code support docs for swishtitle and
   swishdescription. Bug reported by Logan Bell.
 - fix FS Aggregator behavior to work like 2.x and not skip files with no
 - fix bug in swish3 where index dir is not created before swish_last_start
   is touched.
 - confess() when swish.xml does not exist
 - base Aggregator class no longer requires an indexer in new().

0.52 26 Sept 2011
 - add support for IndexFile config option
 - add --lucy_highlightable option to swish3
 - new class SWISH::Prog::ReplaceRules for backcompat
 - add get_stemmer_lang() method to Config class for Snowball stemmer

0.51 28 June 2011
 - add 'Lucy' backend

0.50 22 Feb 2011
 - make swish3 -N flag argument optional, defaulting to
 - error check in base Indexer for valid invindex param
 - misc doc fixes

0.49 07 Jan 2011
 - refactor FileRules feature into File::Rules module

0.48 03 Nov 2010
 - added progress() feature to Aggregator classes, and 'expected' param to
 - add CascadeMetaContext config option for Swish3 compatibility
 - bump SWISH::3 (optional) dependency to 0.09
 - fix MailFS aggregator to preserve filesystem paths as Doc url

0.47 25 July 2010
 - add Search time to swish3 (3.0.7)
 - fix bug in Native::Searcher affecting fieldtypes

0.46 22 June 2010
 - add dep on Search::Query
 - add default_boolop feature to Native::Searcher
 - fix IncludeConfigFile recursionin Config->ver2_to_ver()

0.45 08 May 2010
 - fix swish3 to allow "swishrank" as -x option
 - enable -H option in swish3
 - SWISH::3->slurp optimization now uses transparent gunzip feature.
   Requires SWISH::3 >= 0.06.
 - fix backcompat for DefaultContents config in Config->ver2_to_ver3()

0.44 19 Mar 2010
 - register MailFS aggregator as 'mailfs' for use with swish3 -S

0.43 19 Mar 2010
 - remove docs and method for 'sort_order' in abstract Searcher class. No
   subclass uses it, deferring to 'order' in the search() method opts.
 - FS->crawl now returns count
 - add MailFS aggregator class

0.42 27 Feb 2010
 - add invindex format to search output headers in swish3
 - add parsed query to search output headers in swish3; add query() method
   to base Results class.
 - add progress_size to Aggregator and implement in FS.

0.41 10 Feb 2010
 - fix the check_swish() feature in Native::Indexer to only return the
   version number, not the whole output of swish-e -V (fixes the -D fix in

0.40 09 Feb 2010
 - make -D '\x03' optional in Native::Indexer based on which version of
   swish-e is available. The -D feature is only in 2.4.8 or newer.

0.39 07 Feb 2010
 - add fix for systems using Swish-e 2.6, which doesn't create a
   index.swish-e file.
 - remove the requires_external_bin from Makefile.PL since KSx and Xapian
   do not require swish-e but do require SWISH::Prog. Fix tests (which also
   check for swish-e) to SKIP the correct number of tests.

0.38 05 Feb 2010
 - add support for 'order', 'limit', 'start', 'max' and 'rank_scheme' in
 - Utils->perl_to_xml() moved to Search::Tools::XML (where it really
 - enable more options to swish3

0.37 01 Feb 2010
 - add -D '\x03' to the Native::Indexer exec command. This mimics
 - examples/swish3 now installed by default with usual make install.
 - added -N option to swish3, along with ok_if_newer_than feature in
 - added dependency on Rose::DateTime.
 - Native Indexer can now merge() and add().
 - -l and -M options now supported in swish3
 - yank and They weren't used and the idea is now
   fleshed out in Search::Query if we ever need it.
 - Searcher may now take an array of invindex values, and always returns an
   array ref of values.

0.36 12 Jan 2009
 - fix Config bug where StoreDescription was ignored in ver2_to_ver3()
 - switch to Module::Install 
 - updates to example/swish3
 - fix t/03_object.t to test for JSON not YAML::Syck (see RT#53275)

0.35 09 Jan 2009
 - fix bug in Config where $append flag was being interpreted as a
 - fix bug in Config where ver2_to_ver3 was calling $self->new instead of
   $class->new when passed a filename.
 - fix bug in Spider where filter was not being passed correctly.

0.34 07 Jan 2009
 - fix mem leak test to include only those outside our control.
 - add version() to SWISH::Prog::Doc to pick header style per instance.

0.33 02 Jan 2010
 - fix bug where SWISH::3->slurp was being called with out binmode flag and
   .gz files were getting their NUL bytes stripped.
 - add test_mode feature (set with SWISH_TEST env var)
 - fix some memory leaks
 - fix JSON::XS dependency (JSON required, not JSON::XS).

0.32 12 Dec 2009
 - Config->ver2_to_ver3() method now supported.
 - fix bug in to allow Config passed in aggregator and Indexer
   passed in aggregator
 - removed dependency on Class::Accessor for
 - refactor internal handling of Config object so there is only ever one
   per Prog instance
 - refactor internal handling of Config to support SWISH::3::Config
 - FileRules support now in Aggregator::FS

0.31 1  Dec 2009
 - POD fixes

0.30 29 Nov 2009
 - change KinoSearch to KSx in implementation registry
 - fix bug in base Searcher where InvIndex class was not loaded.

0.29 8 Nov 2009
 - add strip_plural option to Utils->perl_to_xml()
 - add count attribute to arrayref values of hashrefs in perl_to_xml()
 - fix method/param name strictness bug revealed by Rose::ObjectX::CAF
   0.03.  This mostly required internal param name changes to official
   method names.

0.28 30 Sept 2009
 - add some missing calls to SUPER::init()

0.27 28 Sep 2009
 - make QueryParser and Query part of the official install, even though
   there are still TODO items
 - add all_metanames() method to Config
 - refactor to use Search::Tools and Rose::ObjectX::CAF instead of

0.26 26 Feb 2009
 - fix off-by-one error in skip test count in t/03-object.t

0.25 26 Jan 2009
 - added more features to example/swish3
 - add missing test file to MANIFEST
 - tests clean up after themselves wrt swish.xml header files

0.24 20 Jan 2009  (Happy Obama Day!)
 - add base Searcher, Results and Result classes
 - refactor QueryParser to use Search::QueryParser::SQL
 - flesh out the InvIndex::Meta class, adding XML::Simple dependency
 - IMPORTANT: rename Native classes to match naming convention

0.23 11 Dec 2008
 - properly clean up temp Config files

0.22 10 Dec 2008
 - added support for SWISH::Prog::DBI
 - use SWISH::3 for slurping files, if available.
 - fix bug in SWISH::Prog::Utils->perl_to_xml where hash refs were not
   getting tagged.

0.21 31 Oct 2008
 - fix tests to skip correct numbers if swish-e not installed
 - change to JSON::XS and make json default format in Aggregator::Object
 - add perl_to_xml() in Utils
 - change t/04 to manually create dirs at test time

0.20 23 April 2008
 - complete rewrite of the API for Swish3 development

0.08 22 Nov 2007
 - added S::P::Mail class and example script
 - sync all $VERSION vars to same value
 - allow for non-standard docclass names

0.07 * S::P::Object iterator now uses more idiomatic while/next algorithm.

0.06 * S::P::Object now defers to explicit 'config' passed in new().

0.05 * S::P::Object now uses JSON or YAML to serialize values instead of Data::Dump
 - This change is sync'd with SWISH::API::Object 0.0.6

0.04 * S::P::DBI no longer calls disconnect() on db handle in DESTROY
 - fixed bug with auto-defining metanames
 - S::P::Config always returns arrayref on directive method calls
 - use MIME::Types instead of File::Type
 - S::P::Find now uses File::Find instead of Path::Class::Iterator
 - S::P::Object obj_filter() must return an object of some kind
 - S::P::Object will not dump() scalar strings, thus avoiding extra quotes
 - S::P::Config added stringify() method and reverted from IO::All to
 - S::Prog added elapsed() method
 - S::Prog new() verbose now defaults to 1

0.03 * removed all mentions of SWISH3
 - test indexes are removed as part of 'make clean'
 - switched from Data::Dumper to Data::Dump
 - added new SWISH::Prog::Object example
 - fixed bug in SWISH::Prog::Headers to test defined()	   rather than
   simply eval true/false
 - fixed bug in SWISH::Prog::DBI with accepting DBI handle in init()
 - changed to using IO::All instead of File::stat and File::Slurp for
   better UTF8 support
 - changed default order of init() and init_indexer() to work more
   intuitively. Fixed S::P::DBI accordingly. To prevent an indexer from
   being init'd (as in 0.02) simply override init_indexer() and don't call
 - new feature: SWISH::Prog::Find
 - renamed meta() to table_meta() in SWISH::Prog::DBI for clarity.
 - S::P::Config now always handles config params as arrays
 - Config metanames() propertynames() and propertynamesnostripchars()  are
   no longer available 
 - S::P::Config now requires IO::All and Config::General; added read2()
 - new feature placeholder: SWISH::Prog::Spider

0.02 POD fixes
 - added merge() add() and mv() methods to S::P::Index and t/3merge.t and
 - added 2 more test docs
 - added format() accessor to S::P::Index
 - changed S::P::I to use Class::Accessor::Fast since we don't need to
   override get/set
 - S::P now always inits an indexer even if fh=>0
 - added private _index_methods to S::P

0.01 2005-11-22T21:54:37Z
 - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options -XA -n Prog