version 0.002; 2011-09-05

  * port to Perl 5.15.1: pad_findmy_sv() is in the API, replacing the
    provisional API pad_findmy()

version 0.001; 2011-07-12

  * incompatible change: tie parser magic to subroutine objects, exported
    to the importer's package namespace, rather than to keywords per se,
    which were activated in the importer's lexical namespace

  * incompatible change: deprecate relying on whether the catch tag with
    a block is evaluated inside or outside the block

  * bugfix: require bugfixed version of Scope::Escape (for return value
    lifetime and context stack handling)

  * on Perl 5.13.8 and above, make use of the new parser API functions
    to remove most use of source rewriting

  * port to Perl 5.13.10, where the value of PAD_MAX has changed

  * in documentation and comments, refer to "operators" rather than

  * in documentation, note that return context doesn't affect evaluation
    of return values

  * use Devel::CallParser to trigger custom parsing where required

  * use Devel::CallChecker to trigger check-time op rewriting where

  * in XS, use PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT for efficiency

  * don't use workaround for perl bug #74006 on perl 5.13.0 or later,
    where it has been fixed (it's actually fixed in 5.12.1 also, but
    relying on that would break 5.12.0<->5.12.1 binary compatibility)

  * in XS, declare "PROTOTYPES: DISABLE" to prevent automatic generation
    of unintended prototypes

  * jump through a hoop to avoid a compiler warning

  * use full stricture in test suite

  * in Build.PL, complete declaration of configure-time requirements

  * include META.json in distribution

  * add MYMETA.json to .cvsignore

version 0.000; 2010-04-05

  * initial released version