Revision history for Perl extension Sereal

Sereal is a dependency package that pulls in the real Sereal::Encoder
and Sereal::Decoder.  For the actual changes between Sereal releases,
please see the Encoder and Decoder changelogs:

* Warning: For a seamless upgrade, upgrade to version 3        *
*          of the decoder before upgrading to version 3 of the *
*          encoder!                                            *

3.005 Jan 05 2015
  * Build improvements related to char signedness being platform

3.004 Dec 27 2014
  * Performance optimizations and other miscellaneous changes.
  * Build improvements.
  * Win32 fixes for weakrefs.

3.003 Oct 19 2014
  * Niko Tyni fixed the 64-bit big endian Sereal bug! (Yay Niko!)
  * Setup META.yml correctly so that certain dependencies are
    marked as being test dependencies and not build or run-time
  * Allow one to build against an externally supplied version
    of csnappy or miniz. Thanks to Petr Písař <>

3.002 Aug 20 2014
  Summary of changes from 3.001 - 3.002
  - Encoder: Introduce "canonical" option to encoder
  - Encoder: Introduce "canonical_refs" option to encoder
  - Decoder: Introduce "set_readonly" option to decoder
  - Decooder: Introduce "set_readonly_scalars" option to decoder

  * Decoder Bug fixes
  - Fix assertion fails in DEBUG perls (Brian Fraser)
  - Fix segfault with "into" interface when decoding references and
    strings into the same target SV. See new test t/550_decode_into.t

  * Test Infra Changes
  - Split up bulk tests to speed up testing and make it easier
    to see when a failure is restricted to a specific option.

  * Big-Endian Support
  - Improved support for Big-Endian machines. We now build and pass test
    on Sparc and HP-UX and other platforms with big-endian or strict
    alignedness requirements. Much thanks to Jarkko Hietaniemi,
    Gregor Herrmann, and H. Merijn Brand for for their assistance with
  - We still have issues with s390x (Z/Os) with Sereal. If someone wants
    to help it would be appreciated.

  - Production release 1 of protocol version 3
  - Zlib support
  - new magic header to make it easier to detect
    UTF8 encoded data.
  - Minor changes to how scalar values are serialized
    to favour more compact representations.

Full change history available at