YVES / Sereal-Decoder-3.001 / Changes

Revision history for Perl extension Sereal-Decoder

* Warning: For a seamless upgrade, upgrade to version 3
*          of the decoder before upgrading to version 3 of the
*          encoder!

  - Production release 1 of protocol version 3
  - Zlib support
  - new magic header to make it easier to detect
    UTF8 encoded data.
  - Minor changes to how scalar values are serialized
    to favour more compact representations.

  - HvRITER_set() is newer than perl 5.8.5, so fallback to using
    HvRITER() as an lvalue for setting it.

  - Fix tests when encoder is not installed.

  - Fixes from v3.000_001, primarily to looks_like_sereal().
  - Doc clarifications, new magic header is forbidden on v1 and v2
    documents, and required on v3 and later.
  - Other minor fixes.

  - Upgrade to version 3 of the protocol
    * Add Zlib compression support to the protocol
    * Add Zlib support to Encoder/Decoder
    * Add CANONICAL_UNDEF tag to represent PL_sv_undef
    * Change magic header so it is trivial to detect
      and reject utf8 encoded Sereal packets.

2.12 Sun May 11 23:30
  - Add new options "alias_smallint", "alias_varint_under", and "use_undef"
    to control aliasing semantics during deserialization.

2.11 Sun Apr 13 23:04
  - Work around regression in Perl 5.16.3 - 5.17.0
    As of 8ae39f603f0f5778c160e18e08df60 while each
    automagically becomes while $_= defined(each);
    which manages to break some of our test code.

2.10 Sun Apr 13 21:30
  - Fix broken MANIFEST

2.09 Sun Apr 13 16:30 2013
  - Work around bug in 5.8.9 sv_upgrade() where
    RITER() is set to 0, when it should be set to -1.
    This could result in perl skipping items in the zeroth
    bucket under some circumstances. Thanks to pjcj for the
    report the perlbrew guys for making it easy as pie to

2.08 Thu Apr 10 22:10 2013
  - Production release for previous changes.

2.070_103 Tue Apr 09 00:33 2013 * DEV RELEASE *
  - Fix issue with croak_xs_usage() not being available
    in older perls. We use the version from Win32::API
    which had already solved the problem. See
    Thanks to bulk88 for pointing out the code.

2.070_102 Sun Apr 06 17:27 2013 * DEV RELEASE *
  - Fixes for how we load XS so Sereal.pm works properly
    with dev releases.
  - Add scalar_looks_like_sereal as a custom opcode
    From Zefram.

2.070_101 Sun Apr 06 17:27 2013 * DEV RELEASE *
  - Fix for newer perls.
  - Changes to 'fixver.pl' and version numbering so we do
    a 3 digit minor version, and a 3 digit dev version,
    so once this dev release cycle is done we will be at
    v2.071 everywhere. This eliminates a version numbering
    inconsistency in Sereal.pm from Encoder.pm and Decoder.pm

2.07_01 Wed Mar 26 18:10 2014 * DEV RELEASE *
  - Add sereal_decode_with_object(), functional/custom-opcode implementation
    of the OO interface, with much less overhead. In practice this will make
    a very modest impact on dumping, but if your applications needs it...
    Thanks to Zefram for the custom op implementation.
  - Resolved: [rt.cpan.org #93888] does not preserve special SV identity
    We now handle \!0 and \!1 properly. Being able to distinguish
    \undef from \{my $x= undef} is left for a new protocol release.
    Reported by Zefram.
  - Resolved [rt.cpan.org #93892] downgrade breaks unwritable strings
    When decoding a UTF8-on SV we now sv_mortalcopy() it before
    we sv_utf8_downgrade() it. This prevents us from modifying the
    buffer during deserialization.
    Reported By Zefram.

2.06 Sun Mar  0 11:40 2014 (AMS time)
  - Fix bug causing needless decoder cloning.
  - Fix refcount issues in some undocumented (but publicly callable)

2.05 Fri Mar  7 10:30 2014 (AMS time)
  - Fix rt.cpan.org #93563 - Decoder object wasn't re-entrant from
    THAW calls.

2.04 Wed Mar  5 18:15 2014 (AMS time)
  - decode_sereal() now gives a better error message if a reference is passed
    as the input string.
  - Fix issue with OBJECT items that use COPY for the class name.
    => In certain situations, the Sereal Go implementation would encode
       objects in slightly different way than the Perl encoder and the
       Perl decoder failed to support this. See commit
       8b3c661e0157960272b056769a7169d4ca2f1d89 for details.

2.03 Tue Jan  7 20:00 2014 (AMS time)
  - (Hopefully) final fixes to FREEZE/THAW functionality:
    => Add safe assertion to make sure that we don't segfault on invalid
    => Fix encoding/decoding of data structures with repeated references
       to the same instance of a class that has FREEZE/THAW hooks.
       Thanks to Christian Hansen for a test case.
  - Distribution dependency fix.

2.02 Mon Jan  6 15:00 2014 (AMS time)
  - Fundamental fixes for FREEZE/THAW support in previous Sereal v2
    releases. If you plan to use FREEZE/THAW, make sure you have 2.02
    or better (dito for the encoder).

2.01 Tue Dec 31 08:15 2013 (AMS time)
  - Promoting changes from 0.37 to 2.00_03 to a stable release.
    (This being the first protocol v2 stable release.)
  - Minor performance tweaks.

2.00_03 Sun Dec 29 10:33 2013 (AMS time)
  - FREEZE/THAW hooks for object serialization.
  - Test improvements (allowing for partial parallel run)

2.00_02 Mon Oct 28 19:23 2013 (AMS time)
  - Fix Test::Warn dependency problem of 2.00_01.

2.00_01 Tue Oct 1 07:34 2013 (AMS time)
  - User-data in header functionality: You may embed arbitrary
    Sereal-serializable data in a document header. The document
    header isn't compressed, so this is ideal for retrieving
    small chunks of meta-data (eg. routing information) without
    having to deserialize the entire document.
  - Relocatable Sereal document bodies
  - Encoder never emits non-incremental Snappy encoding for V2
  - Offsets now 1-based in relocatable format, not 0
  - Fixed VERY obscure (and rare) memory leak.
  - Fixed VERY obscure crash on invalid data.
  - Improved error messages
  - Remove warning about Sereal not being production-grade
    (because it IS).
  - C89/Windows fixes (bulk88)
  - 5.18 compat: Skip test failing due to hash-randomization (Zefram)

0.37 Mon Sep 2 07:40 2013 (AMS time)
  - Remove spurious SvREFCOUNT_dec, previously causing
    memory management problems on some vary invalid
    input data.
  - Fixed a memory leak on exception.

0.36 Tue May 7 12:00 2013 (AMS time)
  [changelog for encoder and decoder both]
  - Add "incremental" option to decoder for easier decoding of
    multiple sereal documents in one buffer.
  - Make snappy and snappy_incr options mutually exclusive.
  - Feature: Implement aliasing for deduping (aliased_dedupe_strings)

0.35 Mon Apr 1 11:50 2013 (AMS time)
  - Add new no_bless_objects option from Simon Bertrang.

0.34 Sat Mar 23 18:59:18 2013 (AMS time)
  - Fixup Manifest

0.33 Sun Feb 17 17:26 2013 (AMS time)
  - dummy release to keep in sync with encoder.

0.32 Sun Feb 17 15:06 2013 (AMS time)
  - dummy release to keep in sync with encoder.

0.31 Sun Feb 17 15:06 2013 (AMS time)
  - Daniel Dragan <bulk88@hotmail.com> spent a bunch of time
    digging into the weird problems we were having with Snappy
    encoded data on Windows on certain builds. Turned out that
    it was right broken, and worked sometimes purely by chance.
    He kindly provided a patch.

0.30 Wed Feb 09 06:24 2013 (AMS time)
  - dummy release to keep in sync with encoder.

0.29 Sat Feb 09 18:09 2013 (AMS time)
  - Change a gcc'ism, #warning to #pragma message
    (which also works on my machines gcc)

0.28 Sat Feb 09 16:20 2013 (AMS time)
  - More fixups for building on Win32/C89 compilers
  - Fix up handling of regexps on perl 5.10.1

0.27 Sat Feb 09 12:58 2013 (AMS time)
  - Various fixups to improve building on Win32
  - Fix C89 violations
  - Fixed Changelog order (why would I ever have listed oldest first?)

0.26 - unreleased

0.25 Tue Jan 22 18:00 2013
  - Various compatibility fixes with old versions of Perl.
    Specifically, fixes to regular expression handling that should help
    with 5.10 support, as well as fixes that should improve the status
    quo on 5.8.
  - Potential fix for a leak wrt. regular expression support.
  - Fewer compiler warnings on 32bit/gcc.

0.24 Thu Jan 10 08:42 2013
  - Test logic fixes: These prevented builds if the encoder wasn't
    installed (or updated) before.

0.23 Tue Jan 08 07:23 2013
  * Important bug fix release *
  - Important: support for the incremental-parsing Snappy format that
    is enabled with the encoder's (versions 0.23 and up)
    'snappy_incr' option.

0.22 - unreleased

0.21 Wed Jan 02 08:00 2013
  - Option 'max_num_hash_entries' to limit the number of accepted
    hash entries.

0.20 - unreleased

0.19  Thu Nov 23 07:00 2012
  - Add configurable recursion limit to the decoder
  - Downgrade UTF8 Sereal serialized strings before decoding them

0.18 - unreleased
0.17 - unreleased
0.16 - unreleased

0.15  Wed Oct 17 13:00 2012
  - Decoder option validate_utf8
    With this option (turned off by default for performance reasons)
    the decoder will emit an error on malformed UTF-8. This will
    *not* check for invalid code points; this can be added later, but Perls
    that are recent enough will warn on those anyway.
  - Thread-safety fix on Perls >= 5.8.7. Sereal is still not thread-safe
    on older Perls 

0.14 - unreleased

0.13  Tue Oct  2 15:00 2012
  * Important bug fix, important gotcha! *
  - Work around bug in perls <= 5.8.8:
      Multiple references to the same object that has overloading were
      dropping overloadedness on the second and following occurrence.
    => The work-around for this old perl bug means that we have to
       bless objects as we find them during deserialization. By default,
       on newer perls, we only do the bless()ing once after being done
       with serialization. We normally do this for security reasons
       (destructors!). This means that for perls <= 5.8.8, we necessarily
       have the same (very limited) security problem that Storable has
       at all times. Sucks, but better to have it working on 5.8.8 at all.
    => For newer perls, we DO NOT have that security problem!
    => The work-around also slows down operation on 5.8.8 and older. Keep
       that in mind when comparing serialization techniques. Thank you.

0.12 - unreleased

0.11  Tue Sep 18 13:00 2012
  - 5.8.5 fixes.
  - Fixes to other languages' reference data output.

0.10  Mon Sep 17 13:40 20120
  - New 'refuse_objects' option causes the decoder to throw an
    exception when encountering objects in the input data.
    See the "ROBUSTNESS" section in the documentation for why that
    is a good idea.
  - Fixes to error messages.
  - Compiler warning fixes.

0.09  Fri Sep 14 09:40 2012
  - Removes use of variadic macros for compatibility with inferior
  - "looks_like_sereal" method/function for a quick way to check for
    valid Sereal *headers*.
  - More liberal set of encoder versions we run the full tests with.

0.08  Thu Sep 13 17:00 2012
  - Documentation fixes
  - Better tests

0.07  Tue Sep 11 14:00 2012
  - Improved robustness to bad input data.
  - Test fixes for threaded perls (likely working around a bug in Perl)
  - Improved documentation.

0.06  Mon Sep 10 11:00 2012
  - First public release (CPAN).
  - Beta quality software.

0.05  Fri Sep  7 14:00 2012
  - internal release.

0.04  Thu Sep  6 16:00 2012
  - internal release.

0.03  Tue Sep  4 17:09 2012
  - internal release.

0.02  Tue Aug  8 17:09 2012
  - internal release.

0.01  Tue Aug  8 17:09 2012
  - original version; internal release.

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