Revision history for ServiceNow-Simple
0.10 2017-05-01
 - Change to use demo019 as demo011 is no longer responding

0.09 2013-12-16
 - Correction to test 04-get_instance_url.t
0.08 2013-12-09
 - Added instance_url as argument to new() and new method set_instance_url
   to allow for those cases where the standard does not apply.  
   Suggestion by John Andersen
0.07 2013-11-20
 - Update to handling of proxy following RT#90358 and assistance from Jay K. Slay
 - New flag remove_env_proxy
 - carp more often
0.06 2013-11-10
 - Fix format of change file to conform to (Neil Bowers)
 - Add chunked processing for get* calls using a function callback

0.05 2013-10-30
 - Set SOAP data elements type from WSDL rather than have SOAP guess
 - POD updates

0.04 2013 -1-29
 - Capture and handle connection errors in tests
 - TODO - Change from using default SOAP serialisation to using details
   from the WSDL

0.03 2013 -1-21
 - Tweak to handling of config data
 - Tweak so automated testing does not fail
 - Set default instance=demo019, user=admin and password=admin for testing

0.02 2013 -1-20
 - Fixed reported issues with questions in Makefile.PL affecting automated
   testing [ #89550]
 - __limits in new() was being ignored
 - Updated documenation

0.01 2013 -1-15
 - First version, covering the basic features, with the following methods:
   get get_keys get_records insert new print_results set_instance set_soap
   set_table soap_debug update The main usage is described in the Synopsis,
   further documentation to follow