1.502  2015-09-19
  * The alphabet test was using a regexp with ok() which I
    think may be causing cpantesters failures. I changed
    it to use like() which will also have better reporting.

1.501  2015-09-09
  * Add benchmarking example that compares token templates
    versus String::Random's randpattern

1.500  2015-09-09
  * Use typemap to bless the C context to Session::Token
    package and implement get() fully in XS. This is about
    40% faster when tokens are created in a tight loop.

1.010  2015-08-27
  * Fix POD link

1.009  2015-08-27
  * Link to Leo Zovic's lisp implementation of Session::Token
  * Fix doc typo noticed by Per Carlson
  * Mention App::Session::Token in the docs
  * Add token template example requested by Andrew Beverley

1.008  2014-04-18
  * Delete reference to seed pointer after de-allocation
    * This is defensive programming in case of obscure
      bugs in apps that invoke DESTROY multiple times
  * Lots of documentation improvements
  * Make podchecker happy

1.007  2013-03-09
  * Support passing constructor args in as a hash-ref as
    well as a list
  * Update description of Bytes::Random::Secure
  * Doc updates

1.006  2013-02-14
  * Add section to docs describing the efficiency of the
    re-rolling technique for eliminating mod bias
  * Add comparison to Bytes::Random::Secure
  * Improve non-ASCII alphabet example
  * Don't include MYMETA files in CPAN distribution
  * kernel-seeding test was missing from manifest
  * Require perl 5.8 due to use of :raw

0.900  2012-12-05
  * Version number format change
  * Include github repo and bugtracker in CPAN meta data
  * Updated docs to describe variable-length tokens
  * Other doc updates

0.82   2012-07-20
  * Make no-mod-bias test more useful as a stand-alone tool
  * New test to specifically verify the kernel seeding
    procedure is working (win32 is primary concern)
  * Improve docs

0.81   2012-06-28
  * OK now I have CPAN versions figured out :)

0.10   2012-06-28
  * Oops, bad previous version number

0.9.0  2012-06-28
  * Experimental win32 support
  * Fix reference test on big endian archs

0.8   2012-06-26
  * Open /dev/urandom as :raw to prevent CRLF translation &c
  * Improve docs
  * Record some system information in test output
  * Add seed coverage test

0.7   2012-06-17
  * Initial release