0.60 (2013-02-07)
	* Same as 0.59. Make it non TRIAL :)

0.59 (2013-02-07)
	* Support TRIAL release for PAUSE with --trial command line option

0.58 (2012-11-09)
	* Support our $VERSION = 'v1.0.0' construct per xdg
0.57 (2012-07-21)
	* Fixed an issue with PAUSE

0.56 (2012-07-21)
	* Supports and writes different style of perl version declarations (Brad Willis)
	* Changed the display of git unknown files to be prettier (Daniel LeWarne)
	* Include global git exclusion files (Daniel LeWarne)
	* Add support for not running under a terminal (Dave Lambley)
	* Make tilde (~) to point user's home directory (Dave Lambley)
	* miyagawa now takes over the maintenance of ShipIt

0.55 (2010-03-27)

	* Added a bunch of links to http://contributing.appspot.com/shipit

	* Bunch of patches from the community all over the place... See
	  version control history, linked off the Contributing URL above.
	  (we should phase out this changelog, or make it just be the git

0.53 (2009-12-15)

	* Mercurial support

	* Module::Build support

	* current_version_from_makefilepl() now also recognizes 'reference_module'
          from Module::Install::ReadmeMarkdownFromPod
0.52 (2008-05-10)

	* Added VC::Git (Yann)
	* Hacked around an issue where svk blocks on STDIN if you don't have a
	  depot map initialized (Yann)

0.51 (2007-06-18)

	* Fixed VC::SVK to work with absolute path in tagpattern (Kang-Min Liu)

        * --skip-tests option, for when tests are long and a step after DistTest fails,
	  so next time around you can run shipit faster.  use is discouraged.

	* fix MakeMaker manicheck to ignore META.yml and inc/ directory for Module::Install

	* Make Perl::ModuleBuild actually work. You need to add .shipit to MANIFEST.SKIP
	  to prevent disttest from failing (miyagawa)

	* ProjectType::Perl now works with Makefile.PL that uses Module::Install

	* new step: AddToSVNDir
        * skip commit step if there is nothing to commit
	* lot more/updated docs
	* svk support from Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
	* fix ChangeVersion (which was doing nothing) when VERSION (not
	  VERSION_FROM) was in Makefile.PL
	* make the anti-compulsive don't-run-me-code smarter
	* make UploadCPAN fail earlier if MakeDist wasn't done.
	* make ProjectType::MakeMaker's disttest ignore the .shipit file,
	  so you don't need to put it in MANIFEST.SKIP (which is often the only
	  thing it contains, in addition to all the boilerplate stuff)
	* don't upload to CPAN in dry-run mode
	* ProjectType::AutoConf support (releases memcached, at least)

	* default config as written out with --write-config had syntax error,
	  and old list of default plugins
	* first version able to release itself to CPAN
	* rename unimplemented "Release" step to "MakeDist"
	* stop if they're trying to run shipit and no changes to be shipped
	* respecting previously-added dry-run option
	* make Perl projectype cleanup after itself in disttest
	* more docs, auto-write out config file
	* make VC::SVN fail if locally-added files, and recommend
	  running "svn pe svn:ignore ."
	* the documentation release!  and clean some noise.
	* the version that can properly tag releases
	* the release that can do commit messages from ChangeLog diffs
	* test release