Revision history for Perl extension Silly::StringMaths.

*** 0.13 (15th July 1998)

The test script, ironically, didn't point to the new name of the module,
and failed even though no tests were defined. This has now been fixed,
and some basic tests added as well.

*** 0.12 (14th July 1998)

Renamed Silly::StringMaths (it was previously tentatively entitled
Math::Strings), and exporter support added. (I don't tend to like the
exporter mechanism, but the interface is otherwise extremely clunky.)

*** 0.11 (10th July 1998)

Slight modification made to the divide routine to allow the cunning

	$divisor =~ s%.%.%g;
	$base="A"x($base =~ s%$divisor%%g);

(which is why I wrote this in the first place)

*** 0.10 (9th July 1998)

Original version - support for the four basic operators
(add, subtract, multiply, divide), plus exponentiate, 
and the useful functions sign, negative and invert.