Revision history for SmokeRunner-Multi

0.19 2013-04-29
 - Don't install on MSWin32 machines.

 - code churn: 4 files changed, 52 insertions(+), 51 deletions(-)

0.18 2012-09-16
 - Use File::HomeDir for maximal cross-platformability.

 - code churn: 23 files changed, 59 insertions(+), 774 deletions(-)

0.17 2012-09-15
 - Fix smokerrunner-multi test so that it uses the right perl. [RT79665]
 - Fix Config.t in the case the user already has SR::M installed [RT65954] 

0.16 2008-05-09
 - Even more test fixes to try to work with various versions of prove.

0.15 2008-05-09
 - More test fixes to work with even newer versions of prove.
 - Only run pod tests when making distro, not when installing.

0.14 2008-08-05
 - Test fixes to work with the latest Test::Harness. Now requires
   Test::Harness 3.0+. Failure reported by Zrusilla. RT #38152.

0.13 2007-06-02
 - Changed the tests so that none of them rely on the existence of external
   programs. Also removed the fake executables in t/bin in favor of mocking
   subroutines for testing.
 - The TestSet::SVN constructor no longer checks for an svn executable, and
   the Reporter::Smolder constructor no longer checks for
   smolder_smoke_signal. This check will be done when the programs are
   needed. This simplifies testing.

0.12 2007-06-02
 - Enabled recursive test files in Build.PL so that all the tests are run.
 - Many of the tests failed when prove was not in your path during the test
   runs. Thanks to David Cantrell for the test report.
 - Fixed the Runner/Smolder.t test.
 - Shut up warnings from Runner::Smolder when running the Runner/Smolder.t

0.11 2007-06-01
 - This release only contains doc changes. The docs referred to a
   nonexistent Runner class, TAPModel, in a bunch of places. This was the
   predecessor to the Smolder Runner.

0.10 2007-06-01
 - Initial release