Revision history for Snapback2.

0.01  Thu Jan  1 14:35:59 EST 2004
	- original version

0.02  Thu Jan  1 15:30:00 EST 2004
	- first CPAN release
	- adds DestinationList for multiple backup destinations

0.03  Thu Jan  2 01:22:03 EST 2004
	- second CPAN release
	- cleanup of README and other docs
	- add snap_charge script.
0.04 -- Fri Jan  2 13:23:11 EST 2004
	- third CPAN release
	- cleanup of README and other docs
	- enhance snapback_loop to retain rsync logs
	- add rsync --link-dest capability as RetainPermissions
	- add John Pelan's directory move suggestion as ManyFiles
	- fix broken Exclude option
	- Add Compress option to allow turning off -z
	- Add RsyncShell option to allow same-machine or NFS copies without rsync

0.05 -- 
	- Modularize most functions
	- Change <BackupDirectory ...> to <Directory ...>
	- Enhance charge file to add total size, xfer rate, etc.
	- regularize logging/debug

0.07 --
	- Allow use of rsync urls, i.e. system::tag/dir, to back up
	- Fix status code display

0.08 --
	- Add snapcopy command to allow efficient copy.
	- snapcopy includes POD docs.
	- Add Before and After directives to constrain backup to
	  certain times.
	- Add IgnoreVanished directive to ignore the "file has vanished"
	  error from rsync which causes most of the error emails. This
	  typically happens when a PID or other transient file goes

0.09 --
	- Repeat to yourself -- proper testing includes a try at
	  "make install".

0.11 --
    - Add PingCommand directive that specifies command to run
	  to check connection to target system before backup.
	- Use help from David Stoergel <lorax_at_lorax_dot_org>
	  to finish IgnoreVanished.

0.12 --
    - Add Timestamp to debug output
    - Matthias Pfafferodt contributed change to weekly/monthly backup so
      it is done if more than 7 days or 30 days have elapsed. Before, it
      would not work unless it was run on first day of week or month,
      and that could cause a problem when the target system was down on
      that day. Thanks to Matthias (Matthias.Pfafferodt at the excellent

0.912 --
    - Silly me, ran afoul of CPAN's numbering restrictions.

0.913 --
    - Didn't know they checked contained modules too, sigh.

	- Add patches from Jurgen Walch <> to allow Hourlies 0,
	  and no email (even with AlwaysEmail) if no backup done.
	- Improve snapcopy to allow transfer of only one snapshot type, along with
	  transferring that via SSH.
	- Add patch suggested by Matthew S. Warren <>. It checks for
	  hourly.0 (or daily.0 as case may be) and moves next highest hourly there
	  to prevent retransfer in case of lost connection.
	- Fix tests to only try real backup if GNU cp is present.
	- Give big warning if GNU cp is not present. Still build, to avoid CPAN::Tester
	  failures. Will also warn people who might want to use it.
	- Allow specification of "RsyncShell rsync" on a different port. If
	  hostname is host:NNN, then will make it be rsync://host:NNN/dir/
	  instead of host:NNN::dir/, which won't work.
	- It's been around long enough to give it a 1.001 version, don't
	  you think?