Revision history for Socket-Netlink

0.04    CHANGES:
         * Optionally compile against some genetlink.h constants only found
           post-2.6.18 so as not to fail to build on older systems
         * Only upbless Netlink::Generic messages if they're not already a
           more specific subclass
         * Reuseable support for nlmsg_type dependent subclassing of message
         * Support different message classes for user->kernel commands vs.
           kernel->user notifications
         * Don't hard-depend on Sub::Uplevel

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Added accessors for finer access of individual netlink attribute
           values in messages

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Improved NLMSG_ERROR handling semantics
         * Don't cache NETLINK_GENERIC familyname => id mapping

         * Declare ExtUtils::CChecker as a configure_requires

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.