Version history for Perl distribution Software-License-OrLaterPack:

v0.10.2 @ 2016-10-10 22:17 UTC

    -   The preamble and instructions are integral parts of the GNU GPL and may not be omitted.

v0.10.1 @ 2015-10-22 21:45 UTC

    -   `aspell.en.pws` file renamed to `aspell-en.pws` to make `Test::Portability` happy.

    -   Minor fix to make `Test::Synopsis` happy.

    -   Short license note used in documentation.

    -   Mercurial repository moved from to

    -   Minor change in documentation: `attribute` term is used instead of `method` for all
        attribute readers.

v0.10.0 @ 2015-10-03 09:01 UTC

    -   Documentation updated. Added "DESCRIPTION" section to the manual, with two subsections
        "Program Name" and "Short License Notice".

    -   `_name` method changed: "the" article dropped from returned value. Now `_name` returns
        "bare" license name, which is the same for "or later" license and for its base license, e.
        g. "GNU General Public License".

    -   Introduced methods: `_abbr`, `abbr`, `base`, `program`, `Program`.

    -   `_version` method retired, use `->base->version` instead.

    -   **Incompatible change:** `notice` method takes program name from object, not from argument.
        Argument now is interpreted as requested notice variant. There are two variants: default
        (no argument) and `'short'`. Short notice is similar to the notice printed by the current
        GNU programs, e. g.:

            Copyright (C) YEAR HOLDER
            License ABBR: NAME URL
            This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
            There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

    -   Required Perl version lowered to 5.006.

    -   Version style switched from old decimal to new dotted-decimal.

0.009 @ 2015-06-15

    -   `` is returned to the distribution. CPAN does not handle well distributions
        with no main module. In particular, distribution upgrade does not work.

0.008 @ 2015-06-14

    -   `OrLaterPack.pod` and distribution `README` now have `NAME`, `VERSION` and `AUTHOR`

    -   `bugtracker.web` resource is changed from SourceForge to ``.

    -   All the small templates eliminated, files are generated from `dist.ini`.

    -   Bug reporting changed to use `Dist::Zilla`'s `log` and `log_fatal` methods — it makes error
        messages more clear, especially error location more understandable.

    -   Some more links added to documentation.

0.007 @ 2015-06-11

    -   Documentation moved to `doc/` directory, each chapter in separate file. The same files used
        to generate distribution COPYING and README, OrLaterPack.pod. Source COPYING is a symlink
        to `doc/14-copying.doc`.

    -   More licenses added: GPL v1 and v2, LGPL v2.1 and 3.0.

    -   All the `` modules now generated from the same template.

    -   More test added: `MojibakeTests` (checks encoding), `CheckPrereqsIndexed` (checks all
        dependencies are available in CPAN).

    -   Functional test expanded to cover added licenses.

    -   Dummy module `` dropped, `OrLaterPack.pod` file introduced instead.

    -   `manifest.txt` now describes all the source files (even those which are not copied to

0.006 @ 2015-04-29

    -   `_name` and `_version` methods introduced. The first returns plain license name (no
        version) with lowercase "article "the", the second return plain license version "3".

    -   `notice` method overrides parent one: (1) our method has optional parameters — program name
        ("this program" by default), it is used in license notice text, (2) notice text is
        formatted with `Text::Wrap::fill`.

    -   `AGPL_3::or_later` delegates most of the work to `GPL_3::or_later` to avoid code

    -   I am studying CPAN features and polishing release process and materials. Added some info:
        where to get *real* source, how to report bugs, etc.

0.005 @ 2015-04-16

    -   Minor bug in POD fixed.

    -   `dist.ini` and `weaver.ini` dropped from distribution.

    -   License note in sources was incorrect, fixed.

    -   Source `README` added, not fully completed yet.

    -   Distribution `README` is also added.

    -   SourceForge project created.

    -   Dist meta info provided with resources: homepage and repository.

0.004 @ 2015-04-14

    -   `Changes` file format changed to meet CPAN requirements.

    -   "Main" module added to make CPAN happy.

    -   Studying `Dist::Zilla` — adding more release tests, etc.

0.003 @ 2015-04-12

    -   `Software-License-GPL_3-or_later` renamed to `Software-License-OrLaterPack`.

    -   `AGPL_3::or_later` license added.

    -   Documentation moved to `OrLaterPack.pod` file.

    -   Functional test improved and expanded and now covers both licenses.

0.002 @ 2015-04-11

    -   `Module::Build::Tiny` used instead of `ExtUtils::MakeMaker`.

    -   Functional test added.

    -   `Test::Compile` test added.

    -   Documentation added.

0.001 @ 2015-04-10

    -   Initial revision. No documentation, no tests, but `GPL_3::or_later` works and can be used.