Revision history for Sort::Hash

2.05	arguments parsing now uses ref to find the hashref,
	so arguments can be in any order.
2.04	25 July 2014
	META.yml fix, attempting to prevent indexing of Sort::Hash1.
2.02,203    15 July 2014
        Pod Fixes.
        Remove version number from Sort::Hash1 because Kwalitee didn't like it.
2.01    15 July 2014
	Fixed a minor pod error
2.00    14 July 2014
	Rewrote interface
1.05    12 July 2014
		Added Fatal switch to enable choice of dying or warning.
		When fatal is off a failed sort returns an empty set.
1.04    9 April 2014
        Minor Doc fix to improve CPANTS Kwalitee.
	    1.041 fixed version number in POD.
1.03    8 February 2014
        Fixed error in MakeFile to specify minimum pre-reqs.
1.02    7 February 2014
        attempting to numeric sort an alpha value warns and returns undef.
        added alphastrict to reject alpha sort with numeric values.
1.01    6 February 2014
        Specified minimum Perl Version of 5.8
        Added Changelog.
1.00    4 February 2014
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.