0.16     2016-05-30

- Remove use of Class::Load.

0.15     2016-05-30

- The Num and Int type now accepts numbers in scientific notation such as 1e10
  or -1.2e-5.

- Removed various prereqs that weren't really needed.

- Added two new libraries, Specio::Library::String and ::Numeric. These
  provide additional commonly used string and numeric types.

0.14     2016-05-22

- Added an inline_assert method for constraint objects. This makes certain
  types of inlining tasks easier.

- Parameterized constraint objects now have a default name based on the parent
  type and contained type.

- Rewrote the code used for inlined types so that the generated inline code is
  optimized to check the most common cases first.

- Fixed a bug where two enum types could not be inlined together in the same

0.13     2016-05-15

- Parameterizing a type which generated inline parameterized constraints (like
  the ArrayRef and HashRef builtins) now dies if given a parameter which
  cannot itself be inlined. Mixing inlinable and non-inlinable constraints
  previously caused very confusing errors.

0.12     2015-12-19

- Fixed tests that failed if Moose wasn't installed. Reported by Karen
  Etheridge. RT #109247.

0.11     2014-05-27

- Remove a Perl 5.14-ism.

0.10     2014-05-26

- Added Class::Method::Modifiers to prereqs.

- Made Specio classes faster by inlining all accessors and constructors.

- Added support for Moo. Specio constraints now overloading sub-ification so
  you can pass them as "isa" values for Moo attributes. Also added a new
  $type->coercion_sub() method which returns a sub ref suitable for the
  "coerce" value. These all use Sub::Quote so that the returned sub refs can
  be inlined.

0.09     2014-05-25

- Reimplemented entirely without Moose. This module now implements its own
  half-assed (really, more like eighth-assed) OO system.

* TODO: Integrate cleanly with Moo and Moose.

* TODO: Improve the internal OO system to do some eighth-assed inlining so
  creating type objects is faster.

0.08     2013-06-08

- Removed the use of the encoding pragma from the tests. This pragma is
  deprecated in 5.18.

0.07     2013-03-03

- Disabled the tests that rely on an as-yet-unreleased Moose. These were
  mostly disabled but some cpan testers boxes were set up in a way that made
  them run.

0.06     2013-03-02

- Renamed Type to Specio.

0.05     2012-10-14

- This module didn't really need XS. It turns out that 5.10 added
  re::is_regexp() so we can use that instead. Thanks to Jesse Luehrs for
  pointing this out.

0.04     2012-09-30

- Added any_does_type and object_does_type declaration helpers. These check
  whether a class and/or object does a given role. They work with Moose,
  Mouse, and Role::Tiny.

- Fixed implementation of any_isa_type and object_isa_type to match docs. If
  given more than one argument, the docs said they expected named parameters
  but internally the code expected positional parameters.

0.03     2012-09-30

- Various hacks to make Specio::Constraint objects play nice with Moose. Needs
  changes to Moose to work properly, however.

- The message generator sub is no longer called as a method. It is called as a
  sub so it doesn't receive the type as an argument.

- The inline environment variable names used for each type are now
  unique. This means that types will not step on each other if you want to
  inline more than one type check in the same scope.

- Non-inlined type coercions were completely broken.

- Added $type->is_same_type_as and $type->is_a_type_of methods.

- The Maybe type was a subtype of Ref in the code, which is wrong. It is now a
  subtype of Item.

- This module now explicitly requires Perl 5.10.

0.02     2012-05-14

- Now with lots more documentation, but this is still very alpha. Feedback
  from potential users is welcome.

0.01     2012-05-13

- First release upon an unsuspecting world. This is very alpha and subject to
  change. I'm mostly releasing it to get some feedback on the design. Do not
  use this in your code yet, unless you promise not to complain about the lack
  of docs or the fact that the next release breaks your code.