Revision history for Sport-Analytics-SimpleRanking

0.21    2011/04/23
        On the basis of this discussion:
        simplifying the implementation of the golden section search.
0.20    2011/04/22
        Added pythag() method. More cleaning up POD. # bumped because of interface change.
0.14    2011/04/21
        Fixing POD, fixing tests as test results come in.
0.12    2011/04/20
        Cleaned up POD.
0.10    2011/04/19
	Two pass check added. Two pass check tested.
0.08    2011/04/17
        Rewrote method interfaces to conform to Perl conventions and then rewrote tests to accommodate the new method names.
        e.g. loadData is now load_data, and so forth.
        Continued adding tests, added a test suite for add_data. Realized that if I did a two pass check with add_data,
        I could eliminate the "busted data" bug with add_data now.
0.06    2011/04/17
        Found and killed a "multi-load" bug (failed loadData followed by a successful loadData were messing up stats).
        This will be an issue with addData method which we will not be able to remedy.
        Typo in WinMargin fixed.
        Fixed bug(typo) in getAvgScore.
        Fixed undef bugs in getTeamStats.
0.05    2011/04/17
        Added a bunch of accessors. The testing for these will be tedious.
0.02    2011/04/17
        Bug Fixes. Ongoing setup of the test harness for this module. Killed bug causing 2 mov values for each one present.
0.01    2011/04/17
        Copied algorithm from my blog: Converted to objects as per
        GrandFather at Perl Monk's suggestion.