Revision history for Perl extension Spreadsheet::BasicRead.


Revision 1.11  2012/04/10 11:08:42  Greg
- Added handling of .xlxs files

Revision 1.10  2006/04/30 05:35:13  Greg
- added getRowNumber() to return the number of the most recently read row

Revision 1.9  2006/03/05 02:43:34  Greg
- Update of Acknowledgments

Revision 1.8  2006/03/05 02:31:41  Greg
- Changes to cellValue return to cater for 'GENERAL' value sometimes returned from OpenOffice spreadsheets
  patch provided by Ilia Lobsanov <>

Revision 1.7  2006/01/25 22:17:47  Greg
- Correction to reading of the first row of the next sheet (without calling getFirstRow).
  Error detected and reported by Tim Rossiter
- Reviewed memory useage as reported by Ilia Lobsanov - this seems to be in the underlying OLE::Storage_Lite

Revision 1.6  2005/02/21 09:54:08  Greg
- Update to setCurrentSheetNum() so that the new sheet is handled by BasicRead functions

Revision 1.5  2004/10/08 22:40:27  Greg
- Changed cellValue to return '' for an empty cell rather than undef (requested by D D Allen).
  Old functionality can be maintained by setting named parameter 'oldCell' to true in call to new().
- Added examples to POD
Revision 1.4  2004/10/08 22:35:20  Greg
- Wrap the open of each spreadsheet in an eval to trap the die
- Add printing the name of each spreadsheet checked
- Correct the printing of the column number
- Added sample run output to POD

Added and examples.

Revision 1.3  2004/09/30 12:32:25  Greg
- Update to currentSheetNum and getNextSheet functions
- Added and applications as usefull sample apps.

Revision 1.2  2004/08/21 02:30:29  Greg
- Added setHeadingRow and setRow
- Updated documentation
- Remove irrelavant use lib;

Release 1.01, intial release to CPAN