Revision history for Perl module Spreadsheet::WriteExcelXML.

See the DEPRECATED NOTICE in the main documention.

0.14 December 7 2012

    ! Fix for hash randomisation bug under perl 5.17.6.
      Reported by Andreas Koenig RT#81766.

0.13 February 26 2011

    ! This module is now deprecated in favour of Excel::Writer::XLSX.

0.12 January 4 2011

    ! Minor fix for set_bold() without argument.
      Reported by Lukasz I.

0.11 March 21 2010

    + Increased row and column limits to Excel 2007's limits of
      1,048,576 x 16,384. Older limits of 65536 x 256 can still
      be imposed via the use_lower_cell_limits() method.
      Added additional tests for new limits.
      Thanks David Ashirov.

0.10 April 29 2005

    + Added autofilter option via the autofilter() and filter_column()
      worksheet methods.

    + Added example program and tests.

0.09 April 23 2005

    + Added write_html_string() method to allow multiple formats to
      be added to a cell via Html formatting.
      Added example and test case.

    + Added write_comment() method to allow cell comments.
      Added example and test case.

    ! Fixed bug with contiguous merged ranges. Thanks Mike Trotman.
      Updated test 32_merge.t.

    ! Fixed bug where screen gridlines couldn't be turned off.
      Thanks Mike Trotman.
      Updated test 34_page_setup.t.

0.08 December 1 2004

    + Enabled the Page Setup methods as per Spreadsheet::WriteExcel:

    + Added the print_gridlines() method since printed gridlines are
      off by default in Excel XML. This option was also available via
      the less obvious hide_gridlines() method.

    + Added the example.

    + Added page_setup tests 34_page_setup.t, 35_print_area.t and

0.07 November 11 2004

    + Added automatic Unicode handling via utf8 in perl 5.8 and
      Added several unicode_*.pl examples in different encodings.
      Thanks to Sean Burke for the sample encodings.

    + Added add_write_handler() method to allow users to add
      their own data handlers to write().

    + Added write_handler examples.

    + Added example in order to answer frequently
      asked question about writing an Excel file to a scalar.

    + Added,, and

0.06 August 19 2004

    + Enabled merge_range() as per Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

    + Added merge.t test for the above behaviour.

    + Added to examples.

    ! Renamed the Excel 5 style merge() format to the more correct

    + Added support for array formulas as suggested by
      Masaaki Hirose.

    + Added array_formula.t test for the above behaviour.

    + Added example.

0.05 July 2 2004

    ! Fixed bug with implicit <Cell> ss:Index attribute.

    + Added index.t test for the above behaviour.

0.04 July 1 2004

    ! Added XML escape for "\n" and test. Used in set_text_wrap().
      Thanks to Masaaki Hirose and Marc Rosenthal for reports.

    + Enabled set_row() as per Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

    + Enabled set_column() as per Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

    + Added tests for set_row() and set_column().

0.03 May 13 2004

    + Added write_date_time() to write dates in Excel XML's
      simplified ISO8601 format.

    + Enabled write_url() as per Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.

    + Added and examples.

    + Added example.

    + Added tests for write_date_time().

0.02 April 25 2004

    ! Fixed a Windows case insensitive bug.

0.01 April 24 2004

    First CPAN release.

    + Write strings.

    + Write numbers.

    + Write formulas.

    + Formatting.