Revision history for Perl extension Statistics::SDT.

0.07 2018.03.17
    Added higher-level catch of non-numeric values sent, in the end, for precisioning ahead of returning a value; if not float, returns empty-string.
    Added is_float check in calculating criterion, not just is defined
    Changed is defined to is_float check in calculating mr and crr
    Changed calculation of performance counts (i.e., of hits, false-alarms, misses & correct rejections) and of trial counts (of number of signal or noise trials) to set value of zero for any undefined values (assuming, e.g., that there were no hits or misses, or no noise trials, in the data). This should help to avoid the errors that might be thrown by the methods implicated in the above changes.

0.06 2017.11.12
    Added sensitivity by "general model" (handling unequal variances), d_a method
    Added zrate() method
    Changed 'c' bias alias from 'decision' to 'distance' (no effect on usage)
    Changed m-AFC sens: Accept any value >= 2 for 'alternatives'; renaming the arg from 'states'
    Added equations in POD for measures including A', etc.
    Added return of empty-string for incalculable values
    Corrected equation in POD (only) for term 'An' in Alexander FC method: (1 - 1/x) not just 1/x
    Checked sensitivity by Smith (1982) m-AFC method where m >= 12 (see "Bugs and limitations" in POD)
    Require now List::AllUtils and String::Util
    Removed documentation of alias "discriminability" for "sens", "dc2k" for "criterion", ahead of removing its support.

0.05 2013.07.18
    Some more error control.

0.04 2010.09.13
	Solving distribution issues.
	Couple more aliases.

	Substantial changes to interface and method calls: Function-oriented interface completely gone; OO only.
    All sensitivity and bias measures accessed by generic methods. 
	Added rate method. 
	Added 'alexander' forced-choice method (in addition to 'smith').
	Added criterion method.
	Added "backward" estimation of hr and far.

	Aliases for sensitivity functions introduced.

0.01 2006.07.24
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AX --skip-exporter --use-new-tests -n Statistics::SDT