Revision history for Statistics-Sequences-Vnomes-0.10

0.11    18 July 2013
        Corrected calculation of psisq for uncircularized sequences, with test of it in ref.t from Tart
        Added variance(), stdev(), nnomes() and prob_r() methods.
        More verbosity in dump() with format => 'table'
        Clean up redundant code for expected() and psisq()
        Ensure tails => 1 by default whenever getting p_value(). Could make more intelligent later on.
        Misc. POD revisions, including adding formulae for psisq

0.10    27 June 2013
        Integrated with Statistics::Data via Statistics::Sequences
        Methods for observed(), expected(), etc., as in other Statistics::Sequences sub-modules
        No croak if only 1 event in sequence.
        Not compatible with previous versions 0.01-0.05.

0.01	Tue Nov  6  1:45:43 2012
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.