0.321  2019-06-17
  * Remove unnecessary sv_len_utf8 calls (thanks David Golden)
  * Test and document mixed UTF-8 flag comparison (thanks David Golden)

0.320  2018-04-22
  * Added Travis and Appveyor testing (thanks Paul Cochrane)
  * Use warnings pragmas (thanks Paul Cochrane)
  * Many documentation and meta-data fixes/updates (thanks Paul Cochrane)
  * Better test coverage for strings with/without utf8 flag
    (thanks Paul Cochrane)
  * Replace SvCUR with sv_len_utf8 to work around issue in debugging
    versions of perl (see https://github.com/hoytech/String-Compare-ConstantTime/issues/4)
    (thanks Paul Cochrane)

0.312  2017-02-14
  * Now works with variables that have magic such as results of
    substr, tied variables, etc. (thanks James Raspass)

0.311  2015-10-24
  * Don't ship MYMETA files anymore (thanks Adel Qalieh
    and Alexandr Ciornii)

0.310  2014-09-23
  * Fix segfault when passed in undef (thanks Ichinose Shogo)
  * Documentation updates
  * Add github repo and license meta info

0.300  2012-10-09
  * Change version number format
  * Skip unreliable stats test for now

0.20   2012-07-12
  * Initial release