Revision history for Perl module String::Tokenizer

0.06 2016-02-23
    - Tweaked format of this file closer to CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla, adding the github repo to the metadata,
      ensuring dist has META.{json,yml}, and min perl version specified.
    - Changed tests t/pod.t and t/pod_coverage.t to be release tests
    - Applied spelling corrections from RT#70040; thanks to BJ Webb.
    - Made the module names in SEE ALSO be L<...> links

0.05 2004-08-31 STEVAN
    - added support for whitespace tokens, feature
      requested by Stephan Tobias.
        - added tests for this
        - added documenation for this
    - fixed bug where the '0' token got ignored, also
      thanks to Stephan Tobias for this.

0.04 2004-08-22 STEVAN
    - added skipTokensUntil and collectTokensUntil methods
      to the String::Tokenizer::Iterator
        - added test for this
        - added documentation for this
    - added the pod.t and pod_coverage.t test files

0.03 2004-05-06 STEVAN
    - fixed some documentation issues.
    - added token iteration support with the inner class
        - added tests for iteration
        - added documentation for iteration

0.02 2004-04-12 STEVAN
    - error in the Makefile.PL file, no changes on this release

0.01 2004-04-12 STEVAN
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.22
      with options -X -n String::Tokenizer