Version 0.10, December 1, 2005

      Initial release

    Version 0.11, December 22, 2005

      This is a non-backwards compatible version.

      urldecode, urlencode were removed entirely. All of the subs that used
      to modify values in place were changed so that they do not do so
      anymore, except for fullchomp.

      l for why these changes were made.

    Version 1.01, November 7, 2010

      Decided it was time to upload five years worth of changes.

    Version 1.20, July, 2012

      Properly listing prerequisites.

    Version 1.21, July 18, 2012

      Fixed error in POD. Tightened up code for repet.

    Version 1.22

      Fix in documentation for randpost().

      Clarified documentation for hascontent() and nocontent().

    Version 1.23

      Fixed error in META.yml.

    Version 1.24, December 31, 2014

      Cleaned up POD formatting.

      Changed file to using Unixish style newlines. I hadn't realized until
      now that it was using Windowish newline. How embarrasing.

      Added some features to ords().