Revision history for Sub-Exporter

0.987     2013-10-18 11:10:03 America/New_York
          update bugtracker metadata

0.986     2013-06-14 18:45:45 America/New_York
          typo fixes in docs (thanks, David Steinbrunner!)

0.985     2013-02-20 19:02:30 America/New_York
          documentation fixes (thanks, George Hartzell)

0.984     2012-06-05 07:59:40 America/New_York
          documentation fixes (thanks, GitHub user "everybody")

0.983     2011-01-24
          documentation fixes (thanks, Karen Etheridge and Luc St-Louis!)

0.982     2009-01-16
          add metadata for repo

0.981     2008-10-24
          finally fix very occasional hash ordering issue in tests
          fix typo in SYNOPSIS (thanks, Florian!)

0.980     2008-09-14
          fix inadvertant futzing with group generator args
            thanks, trendele!

0.979     2008-04-29
          add INIT collector
          declare reservation of all CAPS collectors
          clarify documentation of -setup after report by GAISSMAI

0.978     2007-11-19
          improve documentation of new installer/generator options
          deprecate calling "installer" the "exporter"
          WARNING: "exporter" OPTION WILL BE REMOVED AFTER 2008-06-01
          major refactoring of the core generation/installation code
          tentative interface documentation for replacing it!

0.976     2007-08-30
          fixed merge_col, which was not updated to work with \name generators
          collector hooks can now alter @_ to replace the value to be collected
          clarify args passed to generator in Tutorial; thanks MARKSTOS

          added commented-out name_map to Sub::Exporter::Util; future feature?

0.975     2007-07-04
          update Tutorial to show (preferred) \'name' style for generators
          changed "standard" name of curry_class to curry_method
          added curry_chain
          added Sub::Exporter::Cookbook

0.974     2007-04-22
          fix a bug: would try to export routines that didn't exist
          in the exporting package; this caused Sub::Install to give the
          unhelpful message "argument 'code' is not optional"

0.973     2007-02-02
          document changes made in 0.972
          minor code changes for readability

0.972     2006-12-05
          allow exporter config to provide name (via string ref) of generator
          for groups and exports
          similarly allow a string ref for a method name for a collector hook
          remove some pointless conditions

0.971     2006-11-06
          minor documentation clarification
          add Perl::Critic tests (disabled by default)

0.970     2006-06-27
          defaults populate before collectors collect, now
          default group's value is undef by default, not 1
          mixin_exporter can now export into objects, creating virtual classes
0.966     2006-06-17
          correct documentation of collector hook args
          simplify internal use of setup_exporter
          clean up documentation in ::Util

0.965     2006-06-05
          curry_class now allows the export to curry a differently-named method

0.961     2006-06-05
          Data::OptList is now in its own dist; updated to use it

0.960     2006-05-31
          added into and into_config to config
          100% test coverage... almost!
          fix bug that prevented validation of opt lists with must_be=class

0.954     2006-05-11
          tweaks to Data::OptList, moving toward its own dist: now it exports
          expand_opt_list is now opt_list_as_hash

0.953     2006-05-10
          require Params::Util for craftier opt list validation
          use reinstall, rather than install, to avoid warnings on redef

0.952     2006-04-30
          add missing file to manifest

0.951     2006-04-30
          fix util-mixin.t to skip if prereqs are missing
          various changes to improve blessed/weird generators
          (thanks to Yuval Kogman for pointing problems out)

0.95      2006-04-26
          break out Data::OptList for future disting
          remove an "optimization" that broke expand_opt_list
          improve detection of group generators
          improve data passed to hooks (if you relied on the guts, you'll break)
          the ::Util module

0.93      2006-03-26
          internal refactoring
          add more arguments to collector hook calls

0.92      2006-03-16
          FIX BUG in nested imports: when importing groups A and B, and group B
          includes group A, the nested group would be ignored, even though it
          was not recursing

          allow 'into_level' parameter to setup_exporter
          rewrite collection collector to be more efficient
          rewrite opt list handlers to be more efficient
          restate some code to improve clarity and coverage (now 100%)
          better diagnostic messages

0.91      2006-03-16
          added "import elsewhere" option to generated exporter (thanks

0.90      2006-03-11
          first public release