Revision history for Perl extension Sub::Override.

0.09  Wed Jan 16 2013
      Switch from Test::Exception to Test::Fatal.
      Fix two typos on the POD. Patches from Ansgar Burchardt and david.skyba.

0.08  Wed Sep 21 2005
      Remembered to update Changes file.  Grr.  I really need a
      "lint" script which can check to see if I've forgotten
      stupid things.

0.07  Wed Sep 21 2005
      Added dependency on Sub::Uplevel even though I don't use
      it.  Tests keep failing for folks because of it.
      Added pod tests.
      Added "override" as a synonym for "replace".

0.06  Fri Dec  3 2003
    - Ensure that restore() always restores the sub to its
      original state.  This allows a subroutine to be safely
      overridden multiple times.

0.05  Tue Aug 24 2004
    - Removed accidental dependency on Data::Dumper::Simple
0.04  Mon Aug 23 2004
    - Fixed bug where explicitly restoring subs whose names were
      not fully qualified would fail.

0.01  Mon May 24 09:44:31 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AX -n Sub::Override