Revision history for Perl extension Sys::Hwloc.

0.09 2011/01/11
      - added module "Advanced Traversal Helpers"

0.08 2011/01/05
      - bug fix prototype hwloc_get_next_child, added corresponding test
      - prepared for upcoming availability of hwloc_bitmap_list_snprintf/sscanf
        by renaming
          hwloc_bitmap_sprintf_list -> hwloc_bitmap_list_sprintf
          hwloc_bitmap_sscanf_list  -> hwloc_bitmap_list_sscanf
        (internally still using our own implementation)
      - added module "Finding Objects Inside a CPU set"

0.07  2010/12/29
      - implemented CPU binding
      - implemented Memory binding
      - added support for upcoming hwloc_get_api_version() check
      - refined Makefile.PL (use %Config for preproc and compile/link)
      - not export Cpuset API, Bitmap API, Binding API by default,
        but by %EXPORT_TAGS going into @EXPORT_OK

0.06  2010/12/22
      - corrected typos in PODs
      - added dependency on ExtUtils::Constant in Makefile.PL
      - added high-level cpuset/nodeset tests on current topology
      - added examples/gen_cpumapping (useful to set affinity maps
        for MPI apps)

0.05  2010/12/21
      - added Sys::Hwloc::Obj->sprintf() as additional alias for
        hwloc_obj_sprintf() and Sys::Hwloc::Topology->sprintf_obj()

      - added Sys::Hwloc::hwloc_compare_objects with aliases
        Sys::Hwloc::Topology->compare_objects and
        to compare the raw C pointer values

      - added constant HWLOC_XSAPI_VERSION
        (returns 0 where HWLOC_API_VERSION returns undef)

      - implemented Cpuset and Bitmap API with some basic helpers
        and handy functions that are not part of the hwloc C API,
        like $set->sprintf_list

      - destructors $topology->destroy, $cpuset->free, $bitmap->free
        set the unlerlying C pointer to NULL after freeing the
        C struct. This helps to circumvent double-free and
        SIGSEGV. We should implement a DESTROY some day. This
        needs the perl objects to be proxies that store the
        C pointer in some hidden property, instead of being
        simple T_PTROBJ.

      - added PODs for Sys::Hwloc::Topology,
        Sys::Hwloc::Obj, Sys::Hwloc::Cpuset, Sys::Hwloc::Bitmap

      - added the "Artistic License 2.0" to LICENSE

0.04  2010/12/14
      - rewrote from scratch using typemapping
      - added OO-ish methods for hwloc_obj_t and hwloc_topology_t objects
      - support for HWLOC_API_VERSION (undef) .. 0x00010100
      - named the module Sys::Hwloc and submitted to CPAN

0.03  2010/12/07
      - additional constants for hwloc_get_obj_data retrieval
          HWLOC_ObjName       string or undef
          HWLOC_ObjMemory     hashref
          HWLOC_ObjChildren   array
      - rewrote hwloc_get_obj_data with direct stack manipulation
      - made 2nd arg to hwloc_get_obj_data optional,
        if not present, return object data as hashref
      - use perl type UV for unsigned C types

0.02  2010/09/11
      - constant definitions created by h2xs 1.23 with options
          -O -n Hwloc /usr/local/hwloc-1.0.2/include/hwloc.h

0.01  2010/08/18
      - started project