0.13	21 September 2017
	Allow silence to be passed by environment variable.
	Add new maintainer.

0.12	4 April 2012
	Change in the test-suite so that tests should also run ok on Windows
	with Strawberry Perl.

0.11	1 April 2012
	Some code esthetics.  Verified it runs under 5.14.2, threaded and

0.10	10 May 2011
	Added "retry" functionality for often called cronjobs that may exceed
	their allotted wallclock time occasionally.

0.09	13 May 2009
	Added "silent" option so that a script can indicate whether or not it
	wants to tell the world whether it saw a previous incarnation running.

0.08	25 March 2008
	Given up after almost a week getting the test to complete without
	errors.  Added two TODO sections: manual testing indicates that
	everything seems to work as it should, so I guess it must be some
	test-suite artefact causing problems.

	20 March 2008
	Added support for SKIP_SYS_RUNALONE environment variable to skip the
	functionality altogether.  After a feature request by Rick Jansen.
	Made the code a little more adhering to PBP.

0.07	15 November 2006
	Why did testing just go ok and wrong now?  Argh, must be too late.
	Fix for warning and test error.

0.06	15 November 2006
	Brought up to BPB standards.  Made the error message if no DATA handle
	found, hopefully more understandable.

0.05	11 June 2006
	Added caveat of scripts being edited.

0.04	11 July 2005
	Some pod fixes.  Added link to Sys::RunAlways.

0.03	10 June 2005
	Oops. Still one more race condition to fix in test-suite.

0.02	10 June 2005
	Hopefully fixed problem with race conditions in the test-suite.

0.01    9 June 2005
	First public version of Sys/RunAlone.pm.