0.66    Released at 2012-03-09.
        - Quick fix and replaced the "defined or" operator // with || in
          Processes.pm for backward compability with Perl < 5.10.
          Thanks to all CPAN smoker for the fix test reports!

0.65    Released at 2012-03-07.
        - Just a full release.

0.64_2  Released at 2012-03-02.
        - Redesign of init() and load() of Processes.pm.

0.64_1  Released at 2012-03-02.
        - Debugging undef warnings from version 0.63 on lines 452,
          490, 494, 501, 502. Thanks for helping!

0.63    Released at 2012-02-16.
        - Big sorry! The deletion of the PID was no good idea.
          Fixed it and check if proc->pid->io exists instead
          to delete the PID.

0.62    Released at 2012-02-16.
        - Fixed a bug in Processes.pm. Delete a PID if it's not
          possible to open /proc/pid/io, otherwise the warning
          "Use of uninitialized value in division (/) at Processes.pm line 505"
          is printed.

0.61    Released at 2011-09-27.
        - Fixed a bug in NetStats.pm. The interface name was
          matched with \w, what is really bad if the name of
          a interface contains other signs like a dot.

0.60    Released at 2011-06-22.
        - Just a full release. Have fun :-)

0.59_02 Released at 2011-04-16.
        - Fixed a little bug in Processes.pm (_init).

0.59_01 Released at 2011-04-14.
        - Added statistics from /proc/pid/io to Processes.pm. See RT #67459.

0.59    Released at 2010-09-28.
        - Added key "arch" to SysInfo.pm.

0.58    Released at 2010-09-27.
        - Kicked cpuinfo from SysInfo.pm.

0.57_04 Released at 2010-08-27.
        - Fixed pcpucount and tcpucount in SysInfo.pm.

0.57_03 Released at 2010-08-17.
        - Fixed the validating of params in new() in all modules
          that generates aggregates.
        - Changed SysInfo and kicked niccount.

0.57_02 Released at 2010-08-06.
        - Fixed some bugs in SysInfo for keys pcpucount and niccount.
        - Added key cpuinfo.
        - It's now possible to add %opts to the call of new() of
          each statistic module to set the path to proc.

0.57_01 Released at 2010-08-05.
        - Added method raw() to CpuStats, DiskStats, NetStats, PgSwStats,
          and ProcStats.
        - Added niccount, pcpucount and tcpucount to SysInfo.
        - Fixed issues from RT #60100 and #60098.

0.56    Released at 2009-10-07.
        - Just a full release.

0.55_02 Released at 2009-09-28.
        - Processes.pm: calculate the keys minflt, cminflt, mayflt, cmayflt,
            utime, stime, cutime, and cstime with sttime and uptime.

0.55_01 Released at 2009-09-03.
        - Processes.pm: processes that are created between the call of
          init() and get() are now returned. The keys minflt, cminflt,
          mayflt, cmayflt, utime, stime, cutime, and cstime are set
          to 0.00 - see RT #49363

0.54    Released at 2009-08-17.
        - No changes, just a full release.

0.53_01 Released at 2009-08-10.
        - Fixed wchan in Processes.pm - RT #48458

0.52    Released at 2009-06-05.
        - No changes, just a full release.

0.51_01 Released at 2009-05-29.
        - Fixed tests 060-netstats.t and 070-sockstats.t.
        - Updated the most of the other test files.
        - Fixed a bug in Processes.pm - actime wasn't calculated correct.
        - Added $RAWTIME to SysInfo.pm to get the raw time with jiffies
          for uptime and idletime.

0.50    Released at 2009-05-17.
        - ProcStats: renamed stat "procs_blocked" to "blocked" and added
          stat "running".

0.49    Released at 2009-03-15.
        - Just a full version... all tests runs without errors.

0.48_02 Released at 2009-03-11.
        - Fixed some tests and updated the documentation.

0.48_01 Released at 2009-03-07.
        - Fixed some tests.
        - Fixed initfile in CpuStats, DiskStats, NetStats, PgSwStats and
          ProcStats - if the machine was rebootet the deltas couldn't be

0.48    Released at 2009-03-07.
        - Fixed tests 050-pgswstats.t, 070-sockstats.t, 080-diskstats.t.
          If linux runs as a virtual machine than it's possible that the
          statistics pgswstats, sockstats and diskstats are not available.
        - Fixed regex in MemStats.pm - key "dirty" never matched.
        - Fixed Processes.pm - now all processses will be collected.
        - Added option initfile to PgSwStats, CpuStats, DiskStats, NetStats
          and ProcStats - YAML::Syck as serializer.

0.47    Released at 2009-02-10.
        - GRML - forget to upgrade $VERSION in Processes.pm :)

0.46    Released at 2009-02-10.
        - Fixed a bug in Processs.pm. If /proc/<pid>/fd is empty then
          t/120-processes.t returns an error.

0.45    Released at 2009-02-02.
        - Just a full release.

0.44_03 Released at 2009-01-19.
        - Fixed some tests.

0.44_02 Released at 2009-01-18.
        - Fixed a bug: delete a process if the process doesn't exists
          any more and jump to the next PID with "next PID;".
        - Fixed some tests.

0.44_01 Released at 2009-01-13.
        - Added "wchan" and "fd" to Processes.pm.

0.43    Released at 2008-10-29.
        - Kicked UNIVERSAL::require.
        - Now it's possible to pass $sleep_time to get().

0.42    Released at 2008-10-06.
        - Added $PAGES_TO_BYTES to Sys::Statistics::Linux::Processes.
          With this variable it's possible to get bytes/kilobytes instead
          of pages for some statistics - feature request of Marcus V.
        - Fixed a bug in processes. The values drs and lrs in Processes.pm
          were interchanged.

0.41    Released at 2008-10-01.
        -  http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39723
           Sys::Statistics::Linux::DiskUsage - added global variables
           $DF_PATH and $DF_CMD.

0.40    Released at 2008-09-24.
        - All tests for 0.39_01 runs fine, now a full version.

0.39_01 Released at 2008-09-22.
        - http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=39451
          Fixed bug in Memstats.pm for key "inactive". On earlier kernels
          it's Inact_dirty, Inact_laundry and Inact_clean.
          Thanks to Peter E. for his report.

0.38    Released at 2008-09-11.
        - Fixed a little bug in Processes.pm - thanks to Marcus V. for
          his report! Marcus reported that minflt could be negativ on
          Xen machines and Processes.pm croaks with the message:
          "value of 'minflt' is not a number".
        - Different code improvements in ProcStats.pm, NetStats.pm,
          CpuStats.pm, PgSwStats.pm.

0.37    Released at 2008-09-05.
        - Fixed a bug in Linux.pm for netstats/netinfo. The raw data was
          returned with netstats and not the deltas.

0.36    Released at 2008-05-13.
        - Tests for 0.35_01 all ok. Now a full release.

0.35_01 Released at 2008-05-08.
        - Added irq, softirq, steal to CpuStats.pm.
        - Fixed the calculation of total cpu utilization in CpuStats.pm.
          Thanks to Morton B. for his suggestion.
        - Key iowait is only available with kernels >= 2.6.

0.34    Released at 2008-04-08.
        - Timestamp of 0.33 in the future and a lot of fail reports.

0.33    Released at 2008-04-04.
        - Found a bug in Processes.pm. New processes were not added
          to $self->{init}.

0.32    Released at 2008-02-27.
        - DAWN! Forget to add Time::HiRes to the dependencies!

0.30    Released at 2008-02-27.
        - Replaced uptime() with Time::HiRes::gettimeofday().

0.28    Released at 2008-02-11.
        - Full version. Jupm over 0.27 because I want to use odd numbers
          for developer releases in the future.
        - Better documentation here and there.

0.26_02 Released at 2008-02-08.
        - Fixed a lot of POD typos.

0.26_01 Released at 2008-02-07.
        - *uhm* forget to kicked cpuinfo()
        - Added netinfo() to get the raw data of netstats() (feature request).

0.26    Released at 2008-01-16.
        - Tests seems to be okay... just a full version.

0.25_02 Released at 2008-01-10.
        - Kicked from MemStats: hightotal, highfree, lowtotal, lowfree
          The reason is that 64-bit architectures by their nature has high
          memory support and do not need the HIGHMEM configuration directive.
          As a result these values are not available on any 64-bit. Yes,
          there exists exceptions on some distributions like RHEL4 x86_64,
          but are they useful?

0.25_01 Released at 2008-01-08.
        - Added to MemStats: swapcached, active, inactive, hightotal,
          highfree, lowtotal, lowfree, commitlimit and committed_as

0.25    Released at 2007-11-20.
        - Kicked CpuInfo.pm. The reason is that /proc/cpuinfo can be very
          different on various architectures.

0.24    Released at 2007-11-19.
        - Fixed swapusedper.
        - Some POD improvements.

0.23    Released at 2007-11-19.
        - *grml* forget to update ChangeLog :)

0.22    Released at 2007-11-19.
        - Added pstop() to Compilation.pm and t/150pstop.t.
        - Did some POD fixes in all modules.

0.21_02 Released at 2007-11-18.
        - Added CpuInfo.pm.

0.21_01 Released at 2007-11-18.
        - WHOA a lot of changes...
        - All options are lowercase now! The key names are now lowercase as well!
          For compatibilities the old options are still available.
          As example: CpuStats is now cpustats.
        - Added Sys::Statistics::Linux::Compilation
        - get() now returns a Sys::Statistics::Linux::Compilation object. You can
          access the statistics now via $stat->cpustats or $stat->{cpustats}. The
          adventage is object oriented access to the statistics and that the
          statistics are not stored into the Sys::Statistics::Linux object any more.
          That's a bit more memory friendly.

0.21    Released at 2007-10-15.
        - Skipped ipfrag in test if the key isn't defined because
          ipfrag is only avaiable by kernels > 2.2.

0.20    Released at 2007-10-08.
        - Fixed Makefile.PL.

0.19    Released at 2007-10-07.
        - No further changes, just a full version.

0.18_01 Released at 2007-10-06.
        - Testing for the current developer release of CPAN::Reporter.
          Makefile.PL die() if the os is not a linux and the new
          release of CPAN::Reporter sends a FAIL report.

0.18    Released at 2007-10-06.
        - Forget to update the version number of DiskUsage *grrr*.

0.17    Released at 2007-10-06.
        - Statistics minflt, cminflt, mayflt, cmayflt, utime, stime, cutime,
          and cstime from Processes.pm are now ever floats.
        - Sys::Statistics::Linux is taint safe now.
        - Did some code improvements and fixed pod typos.

0.16    Released at 2007-09-17.
        - Bug fixed in Processes.pm. The deltas of utime, stime and ttime
          weren't calculated per second.

0.15    Released at 2007-08-04.
        - Bug fixed in DiskStats.pm. major and minor were floats.

0.14    Released at 2007-07-30.
        - psfind() and search() checks now if a list is wanted. If no statistics found
          it return undef ... thats bad.

0.13    Released at 2007-07-12.
        - Forget to add os check in make file *argh* sorry! :-)

0.12    Released at 2007-07-12.
        - Added key nlwp to Processes.
        - All pods updated.

0.11_03 Released at 2007-07-10.
        - Added pgfault and pgmajfault to PgSwStats.
        - Add section MOTIVATION to pod.

0.11_02 Released at 2007-07-10.
        - Fixed Build.PL and Makefile.PL.

0.11_01 Released at 2007-07-10.
        - Kicked option -1 - does anybody need that option really? I think not!
        - Now the disk usage is collected with "df -kP". I hope that works on
          all distributions.

0.11    Released at 2007-06-19.
        - Fixed _diff() and replace it with _compare().
        - Did some other code changes like regexes.
        - Kicked operators < > = ! as options for search() and psfind().

0.10    Released at 2007-05-25.
        - Fixed div code parts.
        - Now there can be pass a process list to Processes.

0.09_18 Released at 2007-05-16.
        - Added ttpcks (rxpcks + txpcks) to NetStats.
        - Fixed a bug in DiskStats. The field for wrtbyt was wrong.
        - Changed method name fproc() to psfind().

0.09_17 Released at 2007-04.27.
        - Fixed actime from Processes.pm.
        - Null values are now printed as 0.00 by ProcStats, NetStats,
          DiskStats and PgSwStats.

0.09_16 Released at 2007-04-21.
        - Fixed code in NetStats.pm, DiskStats.pm, PgSwStats.pm and
          ProcStats.pm. It seems to run better and better. :-)

0.09_15 Error by uploading to pause.

0.09_14 Released at 2007-04-13.
        - Code fixes.

0.09_13 Released at 2007-04-13.
        - Did some fixes in DiskStats.pm, because the error message
          "... no diskstats found ..." is ever issued.
        - Did some fixes in fproc() and search() of Linux.pm.

0.09_12 Released at 2007-04-12.
        - Changed search() and fproc(). Now statistics can be set
          as second argument. The first argument has to be the
          search filter. Both arguments has to be a hash refrence.

0.09_11 Released at 2007-04-12.
        - To much files uploaded. :-)

0.09_10 Released at 2007-04-12.
        - Fixed the "Can't call method _struct" bug in Linux.pm line 419.
        - "new" from ProcStats is float now. Did some fixes in ProcStats,
          NetStats, PgSwStats and DiskStats... wrong averages/s calculated.

0.09_09 Released at 2007-04-12.
        - Delete key "pid" from Processes() because it exists double
          times: $stats->{Processes}->{$pid}->{pid} = $pid
        - Now all values of PgSwStats, NetStats, DiskStats and ProcStats
          (here only the key "new") are values per second. I break
          this down because it's very confusing if the statistics are
          just add together.
        - I kicked IO::File and the _load() Method from some modules
          because they weren't really necessary.

0.09_08 Released at 2007-03-05.
        - Add the method fproc() to search for processes.
        - Add t/14fproc.t and changed other test file names.
        - Improve the search() method and add a bit documentation.

0.09_06 Released at 2007-02-25.
        - Improve the search() method. Now it's possible to search()
          for special devices and more.

0.09_05 Released at 2007-02-23.
        - Added realfreeper to MemStats.

0.09_04 Released at 2007-02-23.
        - The next release today. :)
        - Added key realfree to MemStats (free + buffers + cached).

0.09_03 Released at 2007-02-23.
        - Added key ttime to Processes (stime + utime).
        - Fixed NetStats.t and Processes.t - missed ttbyt and ttime.

0.09_02 Released at 2007-02-23.
        - Fixed search(). Now it returns only that statistics that
          matched the search string.

0.09_01 Released at 2007-02-19.
        - A lot of changes in Linux.pm.
        - Sub modules will only be loaded if they are needed now.
        - Added a search() method to search for values in statistics.
        - Now there are different options (-1, 0, 1, 2) available
          for the statistics.
        - Added key ttbyt to NetStats (total bytes rx + tx).

0.08    Released at 2007-02-13.
        - Added key writeback to MemStats and actualize the
          documentation. The new keys dirty, slab, mapped
          and writeback are only available by kernels from

0.07    Released at 2007-02-12.
        - Added keys dirty, slab and mapped to MemStats.

0.06    Released at 2007-01-22.
        - Bugfix in ProcStats.pm. "count" statistics fixed.
        - Added t/Pod-Coverage.t.

0.05    Released at 2006-12-30.
        - Updated t/DiskStats.t.
        - Updated POD and README.

0.04    Released at 2006-12-29.
        - DiskStats died now if the read access to /proc/partitions
          was successful and if there are no statistics. The reason
          is that it seems to be that the linux kernel (<=2.4) is not
          compiled with CONFIG_BLK_STATS=y. Up to now the message
          "there are no initial statistics defined" was generated
          and this message is not very helpful if init() was called.

0.03    Released at 2006-12-28.
        - Updated Sys::Statistics::Linux::CpuStats. There weren't
          irq and softirq calculated for the uptime for each cpu.
          This values are only available with kernels > 2.4.
          That aren't new keys! Just added for calculation.
          Thanks to Alexey A Makeev for his report!
          In addition I updated the documentation for iowait and
          note that this statistic is only available by kernel
          versions higher than 2.4.
        - All values for CpuStats are now ever floats "%.2f", not only
          if the values are higher than 0.

0.02    Released at 2006-12-09.
        - No code changes. Just updated POD and added t/Pod.t.

0.01	Released at 2006-12-08.
x.xx	Thanks to Larry Wall and all other Perl developers for Perl :-)