Revision history for SysV-SharedMem

0.010     2014-05-15 12:03:34 Europe/Amsterdam
          Add missing interpeter pointer on threaded perls

0.009     2013-12-30 13:14:35 Europe/Amsterdam
          *Backwards incompatible change*: new id option is a shm_id, not a proj_id. This also affects the order of precedence.
          Allow detection of size of shared memory segment
          Add shared_detach and shared_identifier
          Fix detaching on unthreaded perls
          Fix readonly flag on attaching

0.008     2013-02-06 04:58:16 Europe/Amsterdam
          Handle COW/THINKFIRST properly
          Modernize magic storage

0.007     2012-10-10 20:27:19 Europe/Amsterdam
          Check for thinkfirst sv's properly
          Removed superfluous tests

0.006     2011-09-10 10:28:36 Europe/Amsterdam
          Fixed creation mode and permissions
          Converted to Dist::Zilla

0.005   2011-01-12
        Fall back on strerror if necessary

0.004   2010-12-01
        Give clearer errors on incorrect files and sizes
        Fixed Build-time dependencies
        Added Test::NoWarnings to test files

0.003   2010-11-29
        Added missing die_sys function
        Added unit tests for various error conditions
        Don't allow zero sized shared memory

0.002   2010-11-21
        Added key option
        Included extra headers for OpenBSD compatibility
        Made get_sys_error more robust on Linux

0.001   2010-10-24
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.