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Revision history for System-Command

1.109 Wed Jul 2 2014
        [BUG FIX]
        - fix the test failures on Solaris, thanks to Wolfgang Pecho
          (RT #82857). The reaper code was actually buggy (since v1.03!)
          and only accidentally worked on platforms where WNOHANG == 1
          (which was most of them)

1.108 Wed Feb 26 2014
        - the trace option makes it possible to see exactly which commands
          were spawned, with their options (including environment)
        - style fixes

1.107 Sun Oct 20 2013
        - zombies do not exist under Win32, so no need to warn about
          waitpid return value (many thanks to MITHALDU for his
          continued help in testing on this platform)
        - removed duplicated NAME section
        - more zombie quotes in System::Command::Reaper comments

1.106 Sat Oct 12 2013
        - brought back System::Command::Reaper, which properly deals
          with zombies
        - execute the command in its own process group whenever possible
          (thanks to Vincent Pit)
        - test for the zombie processes is not TODO anymore
        - tests for the timely destruction of the reaper are back

1.105 Sat Oct 5 2013
        - add a TODO test for the zombie processes created in certain cases
        - various other test improvements

1.104 Thu Sep 12 2013
        - fixed for Perl versions < 5.8.9
        - minor documentation improvements
        - switch to Dist::Zilla for maintaining the distribution

1.103 Mon Jul 29 2013
        - rewrote the _spawn code to work properly under Plack
        - version 1.100 and 1.102 re-introduced old bugs: they
          have been squished again, and tests fixed to prevent

1.102 Fri Jul 26 2013
        - ported an older fix from Git::Repository, to make System::Command
          work with modules that do bad things to STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR
          (thanks to Todd Rinaldo for his 2010 patch to Git::Repository)
          [work done during the patch -p0 hackathon]

1.101 Thu Jul 11 2013
        - various minor test improvements (thanks to Oleg Gashev and mokko)
        - minor documentation improvements

1.100 Sun Apr 14 2013
        - use a IPC::Run-based implementation on Win32
        - thanks to a lot of testing help from Christian Walde (MITHALDU)
          the test suite passes on Win32
        - while working on this, we established that kill 0, $pid is broken
          under Win32 (reported to the perl5-porters mailing-list via

1.09 Sun Dec  9 2012
        - list all dependencies and the github public repo in the META files
          (RT #81302)
        - use Symbol::gensym to create anonumous GLOBs (github #4)

1.08 Mon Nov 26 2012
        - remove a superfluous eval {} that was hiding open3 exception
          (RT #80171)
        - set a handler for the PIPE signal only if Perl knows about it

1.07 Wed Apr 18 03:00:50 CEST 2012
        - t/20-zombie.t sometimes failed because of a race condition.
          I'm now testing my assumptions, make the test in question a
          little bit useless, and closing RT #74959

1.06 Sun Jan  8 00:36:40 CET 2012
        - add tests that show that I don't understand what I'm doing
          with STDIN/OUT/ERR, and remove the offending code (RT #73614)

1.05 Fri Jul  8 09:16:25 CEST 2011
        - make spawn() work properly with subclasses

1.04 Tue Jun  7 00:47:13 CEST 2011
        - allow removing variables from the environment by setting
          keys with an 'undef' value in the 'env' option
        - tests for the import options
        - added tests that were created for version 1.02 to the MANIFEST

1.03 Thu Mar 17 22:47:38 CET 2011
        - removed all the System::Command::Reaper logic which, while
          being really nice, didn't actually add any value, and made
          things more complex

1.02 Tue Mar 15 20:27:29 CET 2011
        - new method is_terminated() allows to inquire about the child
          process state
        - added a relatively sane behaviour when a SIGCHLD handler exists
        - warns when such a SIGCHLD handler may prevent prevent the
          capture of status information at the death of a child process
        - added a -quiet option to silence the warning
        - ported fixes from Git::Repository to work with modules that do
          bad things to STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR (thanks to Todd Rinaldo)

1.01 Tue Feb  1 00:13:33 CET 2011
        - new shortcut class method: spawn()

1.00 Wed Jan 20 00:50:17 CET 2011
        - Generic version of the Git::Repository::Command process spawner
        - No work has been put on the Win32 version yet.

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