Revision history for perl-Systemd-Daemon

0.07 @ 2015-11-12 13:35 UTC

    -   Inline C code moved to `Systemd::Daemon::XS`. `Systemd::Daemon::Stub` introduced.
        `Systemd::Daemon` loads XS code, in case of trouble can fall back to stub.

    -   **Incompatible change:** Constants are reimplemented, now they are read-only variables
        created with `Readonly` module.

    -   `notify` function: `FDSTORE` argument normalized.

    -   If `systemd` library is not found on target system, installation aborts.

    -   Required Perl version lowered by dropping `use feature 'state';` and `/r` regexp modifier.

    -   Test `05-notify.t` skipped if `systemctl` program is not found in `PATH`.

    -   Test `05-notify.t` is skipped if `systemd` is older than 217: `systemd` reads user units
        from `$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/systemd/user` directory starting from version 217.

    -   POD reworked not to use full function declaration in section headings. Now headings are
        just function names, while full function declarations are in the section body.

    -   Short license notice used in documentation.

0.06 @ 2015-04-05

    -   `Inline::Module` is used instead of plain `Inline`. It reduces runtime dependencies:
        `Inline` is required at build time, and not required at runtime.

    -   Documentation fixed: added working links to `systemd` man pages.

0.05 @ 2015-04-03

    -   Few tests to check `META.{json,yml}` added.

    -   In distro package, `bin/` directory renamed to `tools/`. Traditionally, `bin/`
        directory contains Perl scripts to install, while I used it for storing scripts used in
        development process and not intended to be installed.

    -   `lib/Systemd/` is included into the distro package. This is not real source
        file, it is generated from `lib/Systemd/`, but lack of the module breaks CPAN.

    -   Tests are renamed to run functionality tests first, then run author/release tests.

    -   Being run in author/release mode, a test fails if required module (e. g. `Test::Pod` is not

0.04 @ 2015-03-31

    -   `` now uses placeholders `@BUILD_REQUIRES@` and `@RUN_REQUIRES@`
        to use requirements specified in `Makefile.PL`.

    -   Generating files reworked, `MANIFEST.SKIP` now is not a special case. Also, every generated
        file depends on its source in `Makefile`.

    -   `META.json` contains proper abstract, but still takes abstract from ``
        and shows abstract `@ABSTRACT@`. Attempt to exclude `*.in` files from indexing.

0.03 @ 2015-03-30

    - treats `Makefile.PL` as a documentation file. Fixed.

    -   `PM_FILTER` is not used. `PL_FILES` used instead, `Makefile.PL` generates ``,
        `perl-Systemd-Daemon.spec`, and `MANIFEST.SKIP`. It should help to show proper
        documentation in and Before that, these sites used non-yet-filtered
        `` and shown version as `__VERSION__`.

0.02 @ 2015-03-25

    -   `make install` fails. Fixed.

0.01 @ 2015-03-24

    -   First version, released on an unsuspecting world.