Revision history for TAP-DOM

0.14      2017-02-17
        - new module TAP::DOM::Archive to extract TAP::Archive files
          into a multi-document super DOM

        - Store "# Test-key: value" entries also as 'kv_data' under
          their parent ok line.

          Please note, this creates redundancy with global
          'document_data' as it still stores entries there. This is to
          keep backwards compatibility with existing TAP documents'

          If you want clear separation between global 'document_data'
          from #Test-key:value entries not belonging to a test
          ok/notok line and 'kv_data' entries, then set option

0.13      2016-02-26
        - add forgotten 'planned' attribute from ::Aggregator

0.12      2015-09-16
        - generate "document_data" key/value entry in the TAP-DOM
          from hot comments of the form: # Test-<key>: <value>

0.11      2014-03-14
        - assume TAP version 13 if TAP::Parser supports this (v3.22+)
        - TAP-DOM "reverse": to_tap() produces TAP from a TAP::DOM
        - distro polishing (misc & rt#90178)
        - Дист::Зилла roundhouse kick

2010-08-26  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.10

	* New option "usebitsets":
	- When creating a TAP::DOM with new(usebitsets => 1) then all
	  the 'has_*' and 'is_*' attributes are stored in a common
	  bitset entry 'is_has' with their respective bits set.
	  This reduces the size of a TAP::DOM remarkably (by ~40%
	  for a large TAP-DOM) and is meant as an optimization
	  option for memory constrained problems.

	* Additional entry "tapdom_config" to store parse options

	* Data structure now with classes and accessors:
	- TAP::DOM::Entry -- all 'lines' entries
	  (with 'is_*' and 'has_*' attributes correctly handling bitsets)
	- TAP::DOM::Summary -- the aggregated 'summary' part
	- TAP::DOM::Config -- the 'tapdom_config' part

	* More tests and benchmarks for evaluating speed/memory footprint

2010-04-19  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.07

	* Bummer! I shouldn't work too late at night... Using
	  Test::Harness features from the future is too bleading edge.

2010-04-16  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.06

	* New option "ignorelines" to strip unneccessary lines from the
 	  TAP that would otherwise just blow-up memory in the DOM.

	* distribution maintenance

2009-09-24  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.05

	* Allow to create more terse DOMs by accepting an "ignore" option
	  to declare items that should not be included.

2009-05-18  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.04

	* Fix error with comment lines before everything else

2009-04-17  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.03

	* support for summary results from TAP::Parser::Aggregator

2009-03-08  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.02

	* yaml and comment lines are now assigned to the line before
	  under the key {_children}

	* improved documentation

	* less redundant test suite to better serve as documentation

2009-02-13  Steffen Schwigon  <>

	* 0.01

	* initial version

	* just a data structure and docs