Revision history for Perl extension TAP::Formatter::JUnit.

0.11    Wed Oct  1 13:26 PDT 2014
    - Use "IPC::Run" instead of "IPC::Open2" in tests, to fix problems with
      tests freezing on Windows.

0.10    Mon Sep 29 12:38 PDT 2014
    - Switch from "Test::Differences" to "Test::XML", to eliminate failures due
      to differences in ordering of XML attributes.  Addresses RT#81552
    - Use "File::Spec->null()" to get proper path to NULL.  RT#81200, RT#82227.
    - Moved POD tests to "xt/" directory.
    - Move timing sensitive tests to "xt/" directory, as they can cause
      spurious failures for people.  While _I_ want to make sure they run
      successfully, that's about my checking functionality as opposed to
      verifying if things will run successfully on your own system.  RT#69777.

0.09    Wed Jan 25 15:13 PST 2012
    - Switch from Class::Field to Moose.  Thanks to Dave Lambley for the poke,
      and the patience.
    - Track and report timings for "(init)" and "(teardown)" of the test.
      Without this, Hudson does not properly report on the total time needed
      for a test suite (it calculates total time by adding up the constituent
      tests, not by looking at the <testsuite> "time" attribute).
    - Rewrite internals, switching from a streaming style to an iterative style
      of processing the TAP.  Same results, but easier to work with.

0.08    Thu Jul 15 23:44 PDT 2010
    - RT#58838, "Error reporting on die or missing plan".  Thanks to Colin
      Robertson.  Output compatible w/Hudson (so it now sees these as errors).
    - RT#59206, "Plan/Tests Mismatch".  Thanks for Phillip Kimmey.  JUnit
      output now reports mismatches with an "<error>" so Hudson detects it.

0.07    Fri Jan 29 23:23 PST 2010
    - Fix RT#53927, "Times reported by T:F:JUnit for individual test cases in
      a .t file are incorrect".  Thanks to Marc Abramowitz.

0.06    Wed Jan 13 21:24 PST 2010
    - Fix bug in tap2junit which would cause multiple TAP streams to have the
      *same* name in their output JUnit XML.  Introduced in 0.04.

0.05    Wed Jan 13 16:32 PST 2010
    - Add support for ALLOW_PASSING_TODOS environment variable, which forces
      T:F:JUnit to treat passing TODOs as a "pass" and not a "fail" condition.
      Thanks to Joe McMahon.
    - Removed need for Test::Output; I forgot that you can pass a FH directly
      in to TAP::Harness.  Doh!

0.04    Wed Jan 13 15:51 PST 2010
    - extra escaping/cleanup of characters before inserting them into the XML
      stream, to keep JUnit parsers like Hudson's from choking.  Thanks go out
      to Joe McMahon and Michael Nachbaur for prodding to get this fixed and
      for patches.
    - new "--name" option for tap2junit, allowing for tests to be explicitly
      named.  Aliased to "--junit_name" to provide compatibility with patch
      from Joe McMahon.
    - tap2junit can now filter stdin/stdout; use "-" as the filename.  Thanks
      to Joe McMahon for the original patch on which this is based
    - switch unit tests to use Test::Output for capturing output, instead of
      trying to run "prove" directly
    - update unit tests to run against "blib/lib" and "blib/script" instead
      of just "lib" and "bin"

0.03    Sun Dec 13 22:36 PST 2009
    - add timer output for each test case (not just for the suite as a whole);
      Hudson needs this in order to show timing output for test runs.  Thanks
      to Mark Aufflick for the poke.
    - internal cleanups

0.02    Fri Jan  9 23:35 PST 2009
    - POD updates
    - minor cleanup to the test names output in JUnit
    - attempt to fix failing CPAN Tester reports, where an older version of
      'prove' was being picked up by t/formatter.t; provide our own
      't/bin/my-prove' and use that instead.

0.01    Wed Jan  7 22:06 PST 2009
    - initial version
    - had this sitting around on my HD for several months and am (finally)
      getting around to uploading it to CPAN