0.09     2016-01-11

* All TeamCity messages with name/value pairs now include a flowId value as
  well. This is always the same as the name of the test file being run, which
  works fine as long as you do not fork additional processes from inside a .t

0.08     2016-01-04

* All TeamCity messages with name/value pairs now include a timestamp value as
  well. This lets TeamCity calculate test length.

0.05     2015-12-08

* This release is nearly a rewrite from prior releases. Changes include:

* Added tests for many different scenarios.

* Made sure that this formatter works with skipped tests.

* Made the formatter handle various test death scenarios cleanly.

* Made sure that this formatter works with subtests and Test::Class::Moose.

* Made the formatter hide deep recursion warnings triggered by Devel::Cover.

* Made the formatter work when running tests in parallel.

0.04    2009-09-09

* Test diagnostics are now passed through to STDOUT and STDERR, and these will
  be presented by TeamCity in the "details" for each test failure. However,
  TeamCity strips out the newlines, so the presentation isn't very pretty.

  The code for doing this is not very pretty either. TeamCity is sensitive
  about the order of the messages is receives.  So all the diagnostic info has
  to come between the testStarted and testFinished messages.  But with TAP, it
  isn't easy to know where the test begins and ends.

* It seems to work for now, but I'll probably re-write it in the near future.

0.03    2009-07-30

* Added descriptions to the NAME sections in POD.

0.02    2009-07-30

* Forgot to use 'eval' when loading optional modules.

0.01    2009-07-30

* Initial release on an unsuspecting world.