Revision history for Perl extension TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::pgTAP.

3.33  2017-03-04T23:40:01Z
     - Added trigger-testing functions to the output of `pg_tapgen`, thanks to
       Rodolphe Quiédeville (PR #11).
     - Added enum- and extension-testing functions to the output of
       `pg_tapgen`, thanks to Rodolphe Quiédeville (PR #13, PR #14).
     - Explicitly set the `psql` `pager` variable to `off`, instead of not
       setting it, to ensure it is always off. Thanks to Keith Fiske for the
       report (theory/pgtap#135).

3.32  2016-05-11T23:37:30Z
     - Fixed quoting of default values output by `pg_tapgen`, thanks to a pull
       request from Rodolphe Quiédeville (#7).
     - Various fixes and improvements to `pg_tapgen`, including:
         - Added `--create-extension` and `--no-create-extension` options to
           include or exclude the `CREATE EXTENSION pgtap` statement in the
           generated test files.
         - Fixed a bug that threw an error when no database connection options
           were specified.
         - Added support for the `$PGPASSWORD` environment variable.
         - The emitted test scripts now include an appropriate plan that
           counts assertions, rather than `no_plan`, thanks to @slaught.
         - Added a number of additional tests to the emitted tests scripts,
           again thanks to @slaught, including:
             * Foreign table tests
             * Materialized view tests
             * Object ownership tests
         - Column tests now explicitly specify the table schema and test
           descriptions, thanks to @slaught.
         - The column default tests now work properly with default values that
           include strings inside function calls, such as
     - Refactored `pg_prove` to better follow the interface provided by
       App::Prove. This improves option processing, notably single-letter
       option bundling now works properly.

3.31  2015-06-19T23:41:19Z
     - The `--ext` option to `pg_prove` now always identifies pgTAP tests. Use
       `prove` with the `--pgtap-option` option to mix pgTAP tests
       with other tests.

3.30  2014-01-31T21:10:54Z
     - Removed markup from preformatted text in the `pg_prove` documentation.
     - Updated copyright dates.
     - Added note to the docs mentioning that `pg_prove`-specific options are
       not supported in `.proverc`, unfortunately.
     - Removed `ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK=1`, as it does not work well with scripts,
     - Removed the Pod tests from the distribution.

3.29  2013-01-09T00:15:34Z
     - Restored the `-t` alias for the the `--timer` option, thanks to Norman
     - Fixed the documentation for the alias of `--color`, which is `-c`, not

3.28  2012-05-07T22:01:02Z
     - Simplified handling of `--runtests` in `pg_prove` to be a bit less
       fragile. Based on a report from Giorgio Valoti.
     - Added a bunch of table-testing functionality to `pg_tapgen`. It now
       writes files for each table to a specified `--directory`.

3.27  2011-08-03T18:41:29
     - Eliminated "Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated" on Perl 5.14.
     - Updated copyright dates.
     - Updated email address in `pg_tapgen`.

3.26 2011-03-30T18:22:25
     - Fixed exit code in `pg_prove`. It no longer returns 0 on fail and 1 on
       pass. Thanks to Rod Taylor for the report!

3.25 2011-02-08T17:42:21
     - Fixed shebang line in `pg_prove` so that it will be properly rewritten
       upon installation.
     - The `-S/--set` option added in 3.24 is now properly passed to `psql`.
       Norman Yamada.

3.24  2011-01-13T22:26:47
     - Added -S/--set option to pg_prove to allow the setting of psql
       variables. Patch by Norman Yamada.

3.23  2010-09-08T22:32:05
      - Disable --failures by default.
      - Enable --comments by default. This is so that failure diagnostics will
        appear even when not in verbose mode. This is how the `pg_prove`
        distributed with pgTAP works. Use --no-comments or --quiet to disable

3.22  2010-08-15T01:06:08
      - Moved from the Test::Harness distribution to its own distribution.
      - No assume that a test string starting with "pgtap:" and is not a file
        name is SQL to be executed.
      - Moved `pg_prove` from the pgTAP distribution and rewrote it to use
        App::Prove and pgTAP.
      - Rewrote `pg_prove` to use App::Prove, thus gaining most of its