Revision history for TBX-Min

0.08      2016-05-18 12:31:31-06:00 America/Denver
	fixed missing author
	fixed unused variables test
	fixed EOL tests
	changed expression forms of 'map' and 'grep' to block forms to comply with perlcritic
0.07      2016-01-06 11:58:07-07:00 America/Denver
	Updated TBX::Min to comply with current TBX-Min schema
0.06      2014-02-03 13:01:04 America/Los_Angeles
    check input document for use of incorrect dialect
    import TBX::Min::Entry, etc. automatically
    updated documentation
0.05      2014-01-30 14:55:25 America/Los_Angeles
    Fixed warning on 5.10.X
    add_concept changed to add_entry as should have been done in 0.04
    as_xml returns pretty-printed XML
    as_xml return scalar ref instead of just scalar
0.04      2014-01-28 19:27:39 America/Los_Angeles
    "conceptEntry" element changed to "entry"
0.03      2013-11-19 16:50:25 America/Los_Angeles
    Uninitialized arrays are now returned as [] instead of undef
0.02      2013-11-12 14:07:47 America/Los_Angeles
    Several changes were made to the TBX-Min dialect to ensure compatibility
    with UTX:
        renamed "origin" to "creator"
        renamed "title" to "id"
        added "description" field to header
        added "dateCreated" field to header
        removed "doc_lang"

0.01      2013-11-08 21:18:18 America/Los_Angeles
	initial release